Christmas Gift Guide for Vapers of All Levels


Christmas is just around the corner, a time to spend quality time with friends and family and of course, to exchange gifts. The festive shopping spree is in full swing with plenty of people looking for that perfect something to buy their someone special. Whether it’s something they’ve dreamed of owning or something they need, a Christmas gift should have some meaning behind it.

Of course just after Christmas comes New Year, a time where people reflect on their lives and vow to make changes for the better in the year to come. Each new year thousands of smokers make the decision to quit smoking for good. If someone close to you is planning to quit smoking for their new year’s resolution why not give them a helping hand?

Here we’ve provided a Christmas gift guide for vapers, to give the vaper in your life a great Christmas present. Whether they’re just about to quit smoking and begin their vaping journey, or if they’ve been a vaper for a while and are looking for that next step up, you’ll find plenty of information to guide you in getting them a great gift.

Are they planning on quitting smoking?

Stopping smoking for good takes a lot of motivation and dedication and e-cigarettes are a stepping stone that can help them on their quest. There are numerous brands and styles of e-cigarettes out there, so we’ve offered up our favourite e-cigarettes for beginner and advanced vapers.


V2 Ex-Series

V2 offer a great range of Ex-Series starter kits that are perfect for helping beginners with the transition from smoking to vaping. They offer a number of starter kits, each with different components, that make a beginner’s vaping gift affordable for whatever budget you might have.

The V2 Ex-Series are standard refillable e-cigarettes, meaning that a wide variety of e-liquids can be used with it. So whether your future vaping friend is looking to taste the traditional tobacco flavour, or if they have a sweet tooth, you know that they will be able to vape with an e-liquid that matches their own tastes.

This particular this e-cigarette has a sleek and modern design and comes in a number of colours too. From brushed steel to sparkling rose gold, matte black to white opal, there’s an Ex-Series style for everyone.

Depending on your budget, you can add to your e-cigarette gift with the various starter kits that V2 offer with their Ex-Series range. The basic kit already provides plenty for the beginner vaper, with the e-cigarette kit itself along with 6 samples of various e-liquid flavours. Other kits come with smart chargers, a carry case and additional e-liquid cartridges, for example.


V2 Vertx

Another great option for beginner vapers is the V2 Vertx. It’s considered one of the best micro pens available to vapers, not only for its technology, but for its design too.

V2 proudly promote the flat surfaced design of the Vertx for the stylish appearance it gives the pen. It also means that the pen won’t roll off a table so it’s difficult to lose and can be kept out of reach of children too. This is a great design for vapers who aren’t used to owning an e-cigarette of any kind.

Another great feature of the Vertx that’s perfect for beginners is the design of its cartridges. They are pre-filled with a magnetic fixture, which means all the vaper has to do is simply slot it into the e-cigarette and it’s good to go! It also helps prevent any leakages that could happen with standard cartridges.

The technology of the Vertx means that a beginner vaper can continue to use the pen throughout their vaping journey. This is due to the adjustable settings that allow the user to pick and choose how much vapour is produced.

Similarly to the Ex-Series, the Vertx comes in a number of colours to suit various tastes, including black, white, yellow and rose gold.


V2 Pro Series 3

This is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a quality vape product and looking to quit full-time smoking and start full-time vaping. Considered a “jack of all trades”, the Pro Series 3 is adaptable, in that it can be used with both e-liquids and tobacco leaf too. If ever there’s an off day there’s always the option to use tobacco and then to switch back to e-liquids and continue the quest to stop smoking for good.

The cartomisers that hold the e-liquid, tobacco leaf and in some cases, oil – works with the pen to determine what temperature to heat up to, depending on the ingredient being used. This nifty trick provides users with an enjoyable vaping experience that they won’t want to stray from.

Similarly to the Ex-Series, the Pro Series 3 also has magnetic cartridges as a feature making replacing cartridges easy and stress free. Simply pull apart firmly to charge or refill its cartridges, then push the two pieces back together to carry on vaping! This easy to use design also makes it as simple as possible to swap between e-liquids and tobacco leaf.

The Pro Series 3 has received many positive reviews not only for its features but for its battery life too. Described as having an “inexhaustible battery”, you can be rest assured that you’re getting someone a great gift with this fantastic e-cigarette.

The perfect gift for the extreme vaper

You might be looking to buy for someone who is already a big fan of vaping, so we thought we’d give you our top pick for this audience.


Kanger Topbox Mini

For the hardcore vapers in your life, “Mods” are the way to go. They provide their users with a wealth of vaping options due to their larger batteries as well as a stronger flavour too. The Kanger Topbox Mini is one of the best Mods available on the market and will make a great Christmas gift for an e-cigarette pro that you know!

For a vaping mod it comes at a decent price so if your budget is tight you know you’re getting a decent product for your money. It is also relatively simple to use – especially for those who are well versed in the art of vaping – and has a sleek sophisticated design unlike many of the other larger mods.

Of course these are just a few of the many, many e-cigarettes on the market but at Ecig Review Site we only like to talk about the best. If you have any questions concerning e-cigarettes and the best buys for a Christmas gift feel free to get in touch!

Still need your mind making up? Check out our handy infographic which will help you make your mind up.