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Alternative Ways to Accommodate Vaping in Work


Vaping and the use of e-cigarettes has become increasingly popular in recent times, with almost 3 million adults choosing to use them as a way to stop smoking for good. While this new method of controlling nicotine addiction is set to become a permanent fixture in society, many workplaces are failing to aid their employees in their quest to stop smoking, by not permitting them the use of e-cigarettes in work.

While just half of workplaces appear to be showing signs of adopting the shift towards e-cigarette use by making changes to any policies in place, the other half are seemingly failing their employees.

Here we look at some of the ways in which vaping can be accommodated in the workplace and in its policies, without affecting the health of non-smokers or non-vapers, whilst keeping those who vape happy at the same time.


Designated Vaping Areas

By providing a designated area for e-cigarette users to vape, away from both traditional smokers and those who choose to do neither, vapers are not only given the chance to continue their quest to stop smoking, but can do so in a safe and convenient place away for the temptation of tobacco cigarettes.

With no signs of any law being put into place, whereby e-cigarettes will be banned from being using throughout indoor public spaces, you could even turn a space room in the office, into a designated vaping room!

Designated vaping areas are backed by anti-smoking government organisations, including Public Health England, and are well worth investing in keep vaping employees happy and motivated to work well.


Smoking and Vaping Schedules

If you are unable to add in additional vaping areas to your workplace, be it due to costs or a lack of extra space, how about creating a smoking and vaping schedule to add into your policy? That way, smokers and vapers are able to use the same area, away from non-smokers, but at different times, to avoid anyone who uses e-cigarettes from being affected by the use of tobacco cigarettes.


Dismiss the Disguise

There are a number of e-cigarettes available to buy, that mimic the look of a traditional tobacco cigarette such as the Green Smoke electric cigarette. Seeing these particular types of e-cigarettes could offend other works or visitors to the premises, as they could assume that someone is smoking a standard cigarette.

In order to reduce the likelihood of offending staff members, a newly reformed policy should ensure that these particular types of e-cigarettes cannot be used in the workplace, whilst others can.


Incorporate Benefits for Non-Smokers

Non-smokers have a tendency to get irritated by the regular breaks that smokers receive in comparison to them, and if and when e-cigarettes come into the workplace, the same irritation could get worse. To help non-smokers get on board with the accommodation of e-cigarettes in your workplace, why not allow them additional 5-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon, to go grab a coffee or just head outside for a breath of fresh air?


Discuss Changes with the Team

Any changes to a workplace policy should be discussed with existing members of your team, particularly if it involves changes in the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace. Discuss how you are hoping to bring vaping into the workplace and consider making amendments to the policy, should any team members be happy with what you’ve come up with.

You could also consider trialling the changes for a couple of months and measuring the impact. This way, you are ensuring that the entire team is happy with any changes, before they are put into place permanently.

Introducing the use of e-cigarettes into your workplace could go either way, so it is crucial to consider the options and how to best bring in the change, that will have the smallest impact on your team overall.