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Vype e-Tank Review

vype eBox June 2016

Vype. Quick Start E-Cig Guide

Quick Start | Best E-Cig Reviews

Vype e cigs introduced the Vype eTank (Best price £14.99 here) in July 2015. Vype also launched this new modular e Tank e cigarette, the Vype e Tank along with their new vPure e-liquid. Prior to this launch there were two Vype e cig products, the Vype e Stick and the Vype ePen – Vype e Pen review here. These basic vaping products are aimed at the new-user e-cig market and are a closed system meaning that the e-liquid is contained within the e cig with no ability to choose an alternative e-liquid. The Vype Pebble was introduced in December 2016.

Vype eBox

Vype e Cigs introduced the Vype e-Box, a box mod aimed at more advanced vapers with a slogan “Reach for the clouds”. The Vype eBox has airflow control and utilises dual coil and multiple wick technology – not a sub ohm device with operating power 4- 12 Watts which is very low. The vast majority of this type of ebox device can operate at over 30 watts and with newer technology 200 Watts is now easily available. When you need to replace the e Box clearomizer, you have to buy a whole tank and at £45 for the eBox and £18 for the eBox tank you are talking Kanger TOPBOX territory. The eBox atomiser costs around £9 for three. See the full Vype eBox review.

If you have to have a Vype e cig then the eTank is no doubt the best option from the Vype line-up – but as stated below there are much better vape pens out there so do invest some of your time and see the “Quick Start e-Cig Guide“. The Vype e Tank reviewed here will supplement the existing Vype product range but will not compete with the modern vaporizer style vape pens often used by heavier smokers & more advanced e-cig users. Their new Vype e-Tank Pro is a more powerful version with a larger 1000mAh battery and top-fill design but it is similar to many other generic e-pens, at around £25 you may well do better with the very similar Kanger Top Evod priced at around £14. The e Tank is aimed at light to moderate smokers with nicotine strengths of 12 mg or less. See the Vype Running costs versus top vaporizers. This is not the cheapest Vype e cig but it is their best product to date.

VYPE e-Tank £14.99: Save 25%

Vype eTank £14.99 Special Offer

25% Vype Discount Code

Vype discount codes are available and there are often on-site Vype sales. For 2017 save £5.00 now. The odd Vype 10% discount pops up on-line from time to time. Best to sign up to their Vype newsletter and Vype discounts will be emailed to you almost weekly at the moment offering Vype discount codes.

Vype. Pile it High and sell it Cheap.

Tobacco companies in the e-cigarette space like Vype (a BAT subsidiary) will pile up product in the retail outlets and Vype stockists with cheaper offerings in an attempt to offer convenience. Consumers are realizing that in the long run choices are limited and price points are higher after first purchase. Once established, vapers will, I believe migrate to the better e cigarette choices available on-line.

The introduction of the Vype eTank is a late play for Vype abest vape pen UK brandss ego style e cigs have moved on with the launch of new vaporizers from a number of e cig companies. (Updated Vype review see below) It will be interesting to see what new technology, if any is used in the new eTank. Full Vype reviews are below. The eTank is around the same size as the Vype ePen but cylinder like rather than oval. At £17.99 it looks cheap, but replacement clearomisers are £4.99 each on top. The e-Tank is designed to be used with the new Vype e-Liquid range which is limited to only 2 tobacco flavours and 6 flavoured e-liquids and is also limited to 0, 6 and 12 mg strengths. Average to heavier smokers will find that the Vype’s maximum strength at 12 mg nicotine will probably not satisfy and they will then need to purchase a further e cigarette device that allows stronger strengths (up to 24 mg). Vype also do a no-flavour e-liquid option.

The Vype eTank:

New Vype eTank Pro

The open tank system does not allow vapers to customise their vaping experience to meet their needs with respect to using any e liquid. The current Vype range restricts users to using Vype’s own e liquid. Vype specifically state in their FAQ section:

“It is important to emphasise that our e-Liquids should only be used with the Vype eTank”

In order to compete in the e cigarette market manufacturers have had to look to satisfy increasing demand for open system devices. Vype have not gone down this route – however  I am unclear what would happen if an alternative e-liquid was used with the eTank!!

VMR Products, the major US e cigarette manufacturer launched the V2 Pro range. The Pro range offers the most advanced open system vaporizer solution on the market and has the ability to be used with any e-liquid, loose leaf/tobacco dry herb, wax & essential oils. It will be interesting to see where Vype eTank will eventually sit!

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Vype eTank Review. UPDATED.

The Vype eTank is similar in size to the V2 Pro 3 so is more compact than many of the ego type vape pens out there. It comes as a 3 part device. mouthpiece, e-liquid container and battery.  The e-liquid container has a graduated window as a convenient way to check your e-liquid levels.

In use you are restricted to Vype e-liquid only and the battery lasted me less than a full day of vaping. That said the vape experience is certainly better than the Vype eStick or the noisy Vype ePen in my opinion. The draw is smoother and vapour production is reasonable however overall the Vype eTank does not shine in any one particular area. Rating:62%

The more advanced Pro 3 offers significantly more versatility and with its magnetic system is far easier to use. See the Vype V Pro 3 here

best vape pen uk brand


 The Vype Range

Vype eTank, Vype e Pen and Vype eStick e cig range

Go Buy Vype

Vype e-Liquid and Vpure e-Liquid Review.

At the same time as the eTank launch Vype have introduced a new eLiquid range including Vpure e liquid – Vype also include a new flavour range of PG e-liquids but Vype have moved from being a VG e liquid provider. This is a shame because their VG was  tested so was used by those with a PG e-liquid sensitivity.

Their e-Liquid range is now PG based accepting that this is the way to go to “improve the vaping experience“. I assume that vPure and Vype e-liquid range has been launched so that their new e-Tank vape pen users have more of a choice of e-Liquid flavours. At £4.99 for a 10 ml bottle and currently no option to buy larger bottles this works out to be relatively expensive. 10 mls will last you a few day and is fine as a sampler but not practical unless you are an extremely light smoker. Strengths are low and do not include an 18 or 24 mg strength e-Liquid option. Those smoking average or stronger cigarettes may struggle with such low nicotine levels.

The move ceases productivity of their clean but limited range of pharmaceutical ECOpure VG e-liquid. The range now consists 12 fruity/sweeter e-Liquid flavours, including a Crisp Mint flavour and 2 tobacco e-liquid flavours.

The Vype ECOpure range appears to have gone and has been replaced by a new organic 100% VG ECOvape e-liquid. VSAVI eJuice Brand.

Vype e-Liquid Flavours

The Vype e-Liquid range now includes only 10 ml bottles of Vanilla e-Liquid, Fresh Apple e-Liquid and Golden and Blended Tobacco e-Liquid, Crisp Mint, Dark Cherry, Oriental Spice and Aniseed. There is also a neutral vPure e-Liquid with no added flavour. Not exactly Shisha territory but it will be interesting to see more details of the new vPure range! Strengths are 0, 6, 12 mg strength – no 18mg or 24 mg here.

Buy tested pure V2 Platinum e-liquidAlthough now launched there is no detail on the Vype site regarding ingredients of the new e-Liquids at this time. The site is clear but lacks any detailed descriptions of the products. At this time it is not clear from the site if the e-Liquid is PG, VG or a mix of the 2. However this is probably an oversight as Vype have used a proper quality tested VG e-liquid in the past.

The Vype new e liquid range is produced in Italy now and not the UK as it was previously – there are no ingredients listed anywhere on the packaging or on the e-liquid bottle and is for use with Vype products only.

There is also little or no details of the new eTank –  battery power, capacity etc. Whilst they state “…it is very important to us to know exactly what our vapour contains”, Vype do not appear to want to share this information. There is information on how scientific they are, how they care about what we vape but they do not back this up with the details…..yet.

At the same time Vype have also decided to withdraw their Intellicig e cigarette range, their lower quality budget e cigarette brand.

The introduction of Vype Vpure  & e liquid flavours will not allow Vype to compete against the V2 Platinum range of e liquid which we have reviewed and consider the best e-liquid from a safety perspective. Vype clearly state that their e liquid is designed for their product only and therefore should not be used with other vape products. An alternative e liquid brand, Platinum e-liquid contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients and can be used with all product manufacturers, V2 also offers their clients detailed batch testing reports on every e liquid they sell and to our knowledge are the only totally transparent e-liquid provider out there.



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Updated. 2017/05/26

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