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By Tracey Jackson, Best E-Cigarette UK

V2 Pro Series 3X Review

V2’s advanced Pro 3X brings performance enhancements

The V2 Pro 3X

Our Verdict

V2 has given the new Pro Series 3X a huge tech upgrade including the long awaited sub-ohm capability, and this gives a huge boost in vapour production and the overall vape experience. One other flaw in the older Pro 3 was the draw, the air intake was not adjustable so it was a case of "one size fits all". V2 have listened and both these major issues have been addressed by including a new product which is capable of sub ohm vaping incorporating a neat adjustable air flow. You don't need to buy more than one vaporizer for all your vaping needs, the interchangeable cartridges talk to the cpu so it "knows" what you are vaping! V2 has moved with the times, and is now probably ahead of the times. Still our best vape? You bet!
Amazing Technology 3-in-1 Higher Priced Vaporizer
Gorgeous Design (Higher spec & quality too -
Improved Performanceworth every penny!)
Greater Versatility
Smokes the competition!
Sub Ohm Capability! Max Vapour!

Well we all eventually bought the Pro 3 because it was the best vape out there and even after more than a year V2 had not brought out any upgraded version. Well now they have! (Due V2-UK May 2017) For whatever reason V2 have resisted the temptation to develop just another sub ohm box mod, this has held them back, perhaps just a little bit because many vapers do like extreme vapour. V2 have on the whole stuck with the pen style cig shape e cigarettes, vape pens and vaporizers. This has not changed but what has is that they have redesigned the Pro 3 so that it is now capable of competing with box mod devices but with two distinct advantages. 1. The ability to vape e liquid and also tobacco, cannabis loose leaf and wax/resin and 2. A simple discrete and more attractively designed vape pen. And a very advance vape pen at that! So is the new Pro 3-X the best vape – lets find out.

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More than A Refreshed Pro 3

V2 has refreshed the Pro 3X which is marketed in the advanced “V2-Labs” section of their website, presumably to showpiece their more advanced vape products, which includes the larger scale V2 Pro Series 7X and V2 Pro Series 9 (a programmable Bluetooth vaporizer); these two are only available in the USA to pre-order. The new Pro 3X upgrades include a variety of brand new functionality for an ultimate vaping experience. Continuing with the magnetic design which adds a degree of ease of use and no leaks the new product incorporates a significant number of additional features including

  • Compatibility with the existing V2 Pro 3
  • A ceramic “stove” producing a cleaner more pure vapour
  • Variable voltage temperature and airflow
  • New interchangeable coil atomizers so that you can use the same cartridge with different or replacement coils. 0.9 sub ohm, 1.2 ohm and 1.5 ohm
  • Sub Ohm Vaping
  • Magnetic interfaces for charging and cartridge fixing
  • LED battery level indicator – motion activated -just shake and tell!
  • 4 separately designed Mouthpieces for different vaping styles
  • Cartridge technology to include VG e liquid Compatibility at sub ohm

V2 Pro Series 3X: The review. V2 Coils and V2 Cartridges

V2 Pro Series 3X mouthpieces

V2 3X Design: A Vape Pen with Attitude

The four separately designed mouthpieces are a great idea and will allow you to vape in total comfort with something that you feel really fits in your mouth, a small thing perhaps but isn’t part of life about being comfortable 🙂 It shows an attitude by V2 that is reflected in the new Pro 3X versatility options, an attention to detail that the vast majority of brands simply don’t show. It is better looking than the awkward Box Mods, smaller and far easier to store and easier on the move. Again with the X3 you only need one device so you save money too. Like Apple, V2 go the extra mile. But while Apple fans still await a magnetic interface, V2 fans are already there. And this is what makes V2 so different. In the space that is vaporisers and vape pens and there are many many in this space, the V2 Pro 3X is simply different, better, a more thoughtful rounded tool that does many things that we humans want, and it does those things exceptionally well.

PRO SERIES 3X Air-intake adjustment

The price may seem a bit steep but with the 6 month warranty and a quick calculation at the cost of 6 months cigarettes (£1,600+) most will simply see it for what it is – a bargain!

V2 has moved with the times, and is now probably ahead of the times; with the advent of the V2 Pro 7X and Pro 9 late 2017 early 2018 advanced vapers cant wait. The new Pro 3X is not the Pro 3’s replacement that some expected. Despite all its upgrades it is the same dazzling and unique vaporizer that V2 brought out in 2015, it has expanded hugely on the Pro 3 technology. Only it is better, more configurable for personal choice, offers more vapour and taste and hence is more enjoyable by more people.

With the small size, its design, technology and capability the 3X is, in our opinion the all-round best vape experience there is today!

Pro 3X Series Review: Buy V2



When using the V2 Pro Series 3X:

  1. All dry herb products have varying characteristics including the amount of moisture content.
  2. When you use a vaporizer to vape dry herb/loose leaf it generally will not result in significant amounts of vapour – the more that is visible when you breath out the less you are absorbing and the more waste there is!
  3. Be patient – if there are not huge vapour clouds it does not mean you are not experiencing the active ingredients. Most active ingredients give off a colourless gas when vaporised so will not be visible. Inhale, hold, repeat through the cycle and see!!
  4. If you like a bit more vapour you can add a few drops of e liquid – e liquid is deliberately formulated to give off vapour to simulate the smoking effect – there are some e liquids designed not to give off vapour and these e liquids still deliver the desired nicotine hit – vapour does not equal active ingredients.
  5. Start out by vaping the loose leaf/dry herb for one cycle, then mix the dry herb with the kit provided and use for a second cycle then mix again and if necessary vape through a third cycle. During the 2nd or 3rd cycle you will probably note that the content is fully used and no active ingredient remains and things have worked out well!
  6. Make sure your tobacco or your weed is properly ground downuse a proper grinder!