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By Tracey Jackson, Best E-Cigarette UK

Apps have become an intrinsic aid and form of information in our daily lives. They provide us with assistance and communication everywhere we go. This is also true of apps which aim to assist the vapour smoker. We have collected a rundown of the most important vaping apps that you need on your phone.

Beginner Apps

Vape Boss

Vape Boss is the perfect app for those of you setting out on your first E-Cig journey. The app provides assistance to first-time users down to finding local stores, providing vaporizer reviews and teaching you about the newest products. Within the app, you can connect with others who will be able to provide you with the necessary information you need to begin.


This app is the perfect accompaniment to any ex-smoker who has recently quit smoking tobacco. Whilst switching from tobacco to vapour, this app will help you to keep track how long it has been since you have switched. The app is a calculator which will also work out how much money you have spent on vaping supplies and then compare that with how much you would have spent on tobacco The app also totals up how many cigarettes you have avoided smoking since you quit. It is the perfect app to help you to track your progress.

V2 App

A straight forward app which allows you to order any V2 products with ease. This app also provides access to the latest news and product offers from V2. A must have!

Planet of the Vape Forum App

The guys over at planet of the vape have the most comprehensive vaping forum on the internet. It is one of the most visited and read site with the best e-cigarette news, deals, competitions and discussions. Whether you are new to vaping or you are a veteran vapour, this forum has it all. So what better way to keep up to date with all the latest news with the planet of the vape forum app!


Calculation Apps

Coil Calculator

This one is for more advanced vapours who are looking to build their own coils for e-cigarettes and are asking the usual beginner questions; covering windings, wire lengths and coil resistances. Fortunately, the coil calculator app aims to answer all your enquiries as the calculator will work out all the requirements you need.

Smoke Free

This app takes an evidence-based approach to proving to you just how well you are doing. By collating the data on how much you have saved, how many days’ smoke-free and even how many hours of life you may have saved. The app also provides a comprehensive list of tips in order to help prevent cravings when times are tough.


This app combines the best of two different tools. CoilToy and Juice Cook. CoilToy works similarly to the coil calculator by working out all of the parameters for your coil. Juice Cook is an e-liquid mixing app which works out all of your e-liquid ingredients as well as your nicotine levels for those of you who want to create your own e-liquids. Similar apps include E-Juice Lab.