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We evaluate the best e-cigarette review sites and their preferred top 10 electronic cigarettes then compare their best e-cig results and summarise our findings. This is not based on our subjective views nor is it biased through fees that are paid to e-cigarette review sites by e-cigarette companies. To find out how we calculate our findings, please click below.

This way, we can review up to 60 of the best electronic cigarettes, analyse the information to give the top 5 e-cigarettes 2017 you can buy in the UK - all on one page.

By Tracey Jackson, Best E-Cigarette UK

The Best E-Cigarette

Best E-Cig UK Reviews the top 5 vapesBy Tracey Jackson – Our objective in the e-cigarette reviews is to ensure our readers obtain straightforward, accurate information on the best e-cig brands available in the UK for 2017. This ensures that you do not end up having to buy poor quality products and either give up trying e-cigarettes for good because of a disappointing experience or having to buy additional electronic cigarette or vape pen products to find one that fits. See the detailed e-cig reviews Here

Our method is straightforward to compare the results from top e-cigarette review sites of all their best electronic cigarettes and best vape pens and give you only the best recommendations. Here we narrow the range down from the top 10 e cigarettes to 5 of the best vape pens available. This should result in an unbiased and independent e-cigarette reviews summary to ensure you save time and money and get a best quality product.

What are you paying for your e-liquid – health-wise and price-wise? Do you know or care what you are inhaling?

The vast majority of electronic cigarette components are sourced from China and then re-branded by the various e-cigarette companies. It is important that good e cig companies ensure quality control and that they use proper quality components. However this is where the process breaks down. Too many e-cigarette companies are in this “early stage” market to make a quick buck and quality of product is not their priority. By “reviewing the review sites” we ensure that only serious e cigarette product providers end up on this site offering only their best e-cigarette and best vape pen. For details of calculations go here

Much changed in 2015 and 2016 with UK Government intervention to regulate e-cigarette products and rightly or wrongly TPD regulation is now Incorporated into UK law as of 2016 with final compliance date May-2017. This should in theory ensure the electronic cigarette industry as a whole upgrades product quality. E cig companies now have to ensure their products comply and provide minimum product standards and reporting of ingredients and emissions. It will be interesting to see the effects of any regulation and what influence it has on the best e cig 2017 UK market. Many UK E-Cigarette companies have not, and may not, go through this costly licensing process and may not survive this legislation. D Day is 2017/5.

Best Vape Pen 2017

Best Vaporizer Review. V2 Pro

V2: Best Vaporizer Reviews

The Best E-Cig 2017.

To establish what is the best e-cig 2017 we have taken the top electronic cigarette reviews from all the 2016 e-cig review sites we analyse. See below for a summary review of each one. One company introduced new e cig technology in 2016 – this is a real game changer for advanced users and includes the introduction of their new hi-tec best vaporizer pen for 2017: The V2 Pro Series 3 – reviewed here. For those new to e-cigarettes though, I recommend sticking with the V2 pre-filled refill option, reviewed below, for ease of use. (Rather than use the “fill your own” e-liquid option using a good variable voltage e-cig or vv vaporizer). This will allow a straight forward transition from smoking to vaping. Keep it simple to start with! The best electronic cigarette starter kit for those new to vaping is without doubt the V2 Ex-Series.

Visit the V2 e cig Site


See the Ex-Series new vid below!

Introducing the new EX Series from V2 Cigs

See the Easy e Cig Selector Guide

Our Best 3 e-Cigarettes.

Below are summary reviews of the top electronic cigarettes available in the UK, fuller and more detailed reviews can be found here.

Updated: 2017/03/04


1st Place: V2 Cigs Review. Visit V2:  UK Site  |  USA Site

Best electronic cigarette UK review

Vapour2 Review

V2 Cigs are well placed to take advantage of future legislation as their product offers top of the range quality. Importantly their e-liquids contain no impurities and your e-liquid from V2 is lab tested – a full lab report is available on-line for every batch of e-liquid that gives full details of ingredients. You can vape with confidence. Their introductory express kit vape pen kit is a steal at £16.99 and will help get you started on a low budget!

Their product gives the most vapour, and a realistic and reassuring throat hit. They offer the widest range of accessories of all three companies including a sleek design PCC option so you have more customisation options. Something the others don’t do.

Best e-Cig Starter Kit

For simplicity and convenience of a regular smoker they offer the cartomizor option pre-filled with e-liquid. They also take another step by offering a wide range of e-liquids to accommodate heavier smokers and the Shisha pen market – a range of tobacco and e-shisha flavours to use along with their clearomiser tank system/shisha pen. (see Ex-Blanks below). With its 4.2 volt battery it is more than equal to any ego at half the size. Their Red and Congress flavours rank in the top of the best tobacco taste e-liquids available. Many E-Cigarette reviews also show that their menthol flavour is exceptional. Refill running cost is relatively cheap and with the e-liquid option you can save even more.

For the purist they also offer their “Ex Blanks” carts which are a straight forward clear mini tank system that you can simply fill using any e-liquid, and coupled with their high power battery (we like the black battery with this option!) you can vape all day effortlessly. In the early days poor quality batteries forced the market to introduce the oversized and rather clumsy “mod” or Ego type electronic cigarette – now V2 technology allows for a 4.2 Volts / 380 mAh battery in a neat and tidy design – I would suggest that this may well make the ego cig obsolete. V2 Cigs is much closer to the feel of normal smoking which is important especially when you start out. Something vital that the “mods” are lacking.

Ex-Series Vape pen e cig

EX-Series. Innovative patented design.

To get a feel for things. A standard pack of cigarettes weighs around 24 grams and the standard V2 Cig comes in at 17.5 grams (they do a smaller one too). Some E-Cig Reviews show that the new Innokin ranks well in the ego/mod type e-cigarette space. But this weighs in at a whopping 73 grams. It is over twice as long as a cigarette and over 4 times heavier than the V2! Quitting or reducing the smoking habit needs a practical solution to make it as easy as possible.

Vapour Couture. Slim e cigarette for ladies

Women’s Slim E Cig Line

V2 Cigs, now Vapour 2 in the EU, has a new designer range of e-cigs – The Ex-Series – this is new and unique patented technology. This  includes a carbon fibre look battery that doesn’t light up at the end and brand new refill technology which ensures a clean vape with no burnt after taste! The Ex-Series comes in both automatic and manual options. Later in 2017 they will introduce in the UK the V2 Vertx micro-vaporizer range of advanced small scale vape pens which will include a cigarette sized variable voltage device – magnetic charging and a touch sensitive screen power adjustment.

They also offer a range of elegant e-cigs for women – Vapor Couture. (see the VC UK site or VC USA Site)- not quite as powerful as Vapour2 standard equipment but excellent vapour compared to the competition and all wrapped up in a neat feminine designer e-cigarette. The Vertx Plus may well supersede this product.

Their quality products and continual innovation secures their position as the best e-cigarette UK brand.

There is a reason why they are the #1 USA e-cigarette*. Visit V2 Cigs UK USA Site

  1. Basic Kit Price: £22.95
  2. Number of flavours: 12
  3. Battery Price: £13.99
  4. Max. Battery Spec: 380 mAh
  5. Refill Price: £8.99 per 5 pack
  6. PCC option. Yes!



Now see the difference for yourself*:


2nd Place: Jac Vapour

Jac Vapour is one of the more established UK e-cig brands and offer a good selection of e-cigarettesBest small e cigarette - Jac Vape and vape pens. Jac Vapour have been around since mid 2010 and over the last couple of years have started to offer some competitive ecig and vape pen products.

Jac Vapour V1P

Primarily the Jac Vapour e-cig kit is rated well because the product is of a good quality and also the preferred V1P+ e-cig kit offers a Portable Charging Case (PCC) and a USB charger which ensures you can charge your e-cigarette battery on the move or in the house. See the Full review here

There are 6 Jac Vapour kits ranging from around £20 to £50.00. The main advantage of the kit is the well made PCC. For those who travel extensively a PCC is a must. Both Jac Vapour and V2 Cigs offer very similar quality PCC devices though the V2 battery is the more powerful at 4.2 Volts and 380 mAh compared to JV at 3.7 volts and 280 mAh.

  1. Basic Kit Price: £26.99
  2. Number of flavours: 8
  3. Battery Price: £12.00
  4. Max. Battery Spec: 3.7 V 280 mAh
  5. Refill Price: £6.79 per 5 pack
  6. PCC option. Yes!


3rd Place: blu PLUS Review

#4: blu e cigs

blu sells three product, the blu PLUS+ Kit, the blu PRO kit and a disposable e cig, the blu GO. The blu Plus kit comes in two kits one with a portable charger and the other without a PCC. blu is another good solid product from the USA from blu e cigs. Their marketing is second to none with a clean clear website that is very slick!! The basic blu PLUS electronic cigarette starter kit will cater for the majority of lighter smokers but throat hit not as good as V2 or Jac Vapour. Read the full blu reviews here.

Whilst it is a good product a number of users have commented on the slightly louder than usual air intake sound when vaping which is not as loud as the Vype or South beach offerings but it is still very noticeable. Imported generic e cigs have their faults and also tend to be lower grade quality, blu has drawbacks but offer a quality well made product. At £6.99/2 pack – refills are the most expensive here.

  1. Kit Price: £29.99
  2. Number of flavours: 5 limited!
  3. Battery Price: £5.99 PLUS. £12.99 the PRO
  4. Max. Battery Spec: PLUS ?. PRO 1100ma
  5. Refill Price: £6.99 per 2 pack. Most expensive here
  6. PCC option: Yes!

4th Place: Green Smoke Review. UPDATE: April 2016 Green Smoke have pulled out of the UK without Notice!

More info on Green Smoke Compatibility for UK customers here.

best e cig reviews in UK

Sadly Green Smoke has closed its doors to UK customers. It no longer operates in the UK and its USA site appears not to ship to the UK.

Green Smoke Compatible Cartridge Refills. Green Smoke UK.

V2 now offer a free adapter to Green Smoke UK customers that allows Green Smoke compatible Cartridge option with their quality cartomizer range. Use the V2 Discount code GSADAPTER when you order. V2 offers fully lab. tested e liquids with full ingredient transparency. In addition V2 cartridges work out cheaper than Green Smoke cartomizers – see our full Green Smoke Cartridge and Refill comparison guide.

Green Smoke E Cigs have certainly come on in the past year or so and feature heavily in some of the e-cigarette reviews. This may have much to do with their successful PR rather than the quality of their device – having said that their product is still reasonable. These are effective high end quality products delivering an good “smoking experience”.

There is sufficient vapour production which is a must for all those wanting to switch away from traditional cigarettes – many e-cigs brands just don’t have it but Green Smoke does. There is also a reasonably good throat hit using their high nicotine 2.4 mg carts. Battery life is excellent.

Downside is that Green Smoke don’t offer a refillable option on their cartomizors, no e-liquid option! So they will prove more costly to run in the long term and restrict your choices on what you can and can’t vape. There is no PCC option so no on the move charging ability. Good, but not the best vape pen starter kit.

  1. Kit Price: £29.97
  2. Number of flavours: 7
  3. Battery Price: £10.97
  4. Max. Battery Spec: 270 mAh
  5. Refill Price: £10.39 per 5 pack
  6. PCC option: No!


5th Place: South Beach Smoke Review.

best e cigarette reviews uk

The South Beach Smoke e-cigarette is a very well made device. The basic vape cig starter kit will cater for the majority of light smokers and recreational users. Vapour production is better than the “more popular” e-cigs brands that can be found in the UK and battery life on their Super Max battery per charge is excellent – lasting a full day with heavy vaping. Vaping feels smooth however the throat hit associated with normal smoking is not as significant as either V2 Cigs or Green Smoke even when using 2.4 mg strength.

When vaping there is a louder than usual air intake sound as air is taken in to blend with the vapour as you inhale. This felt a little strange but was also accompanied by a very easy draw – maybe too easy – much less resistance than a normal cigarette so the feeling is not quite the same as when smoking. Buy from their U.S.A. head office as we understand there have been issues with the independent U.K retailer. Relatively very costly cartomisors/refills will affect ongoing cost.

Whilst there are draw backs the advantages of reliability and a well manufactured products far outweigh them. Certainly a quality electronic cigarette brand but not the very best out there. Excessively expensive refills making running costs the most expensive of the line up – need to fall in line!

  1. Basic Kit Price: £59.99
  2. Number of flavours: 18
  3. Battery Price: £9.99
  4. Battery Spec: Unpublished mAh
  5. Refill Price: £14.99 per 5 pack
  6. PCC option: Yes
Say Hello to the New Ex Batteries – The V2 You Know Multiplied by WOW.

EX-Battery-v2 e cig reviews



A Last word on e-fuel for your e cigarette – ie. your vape juice or e-juice.

The e cig market is unregulated so you need to be vigilant. Most e cig review UK sites or vaporizer comparison sites don’t highlight this significant issue enough. But there are many reports available that demonstrate the large disparities between ingredients used by e-juice manufacturers. The difference between first-rate e-juice and your run of the mill e-liquid should concern you as it could relate to your good health longer term.  Some ingredients in some e-liquids are seen as potentially very hazardous. Yet e-liquid companies are all telling us that they have the best e-juice.

The Karger medical publication states:

 “Their nature is generally not specified other than in imprecise terms like ‘vegetable flavoring’,… some artificial flavorings have been shown to be cytotoxic.”

Companies are now beginning to understand that clean pure e-liquid is imperative, some have now introduced laboratory testing and use only medical grade e-liquids – these are what this e cig review site recommends are the best e liquids to use with your e cig. What’s in yours!

See the best vape pen UK review summary -includes best dry herb and wax personal vaporizers.

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