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Basic Vaping Guide for New Vapers

If you’re a first time vape user, you may be looking for a bit of help on how to get set up and start on your vaping journey. Below, we’ve put together a few of the main points you may need to know to get you up and running. It’s important to keep in mind that some e-cigarette are different and different designs may have different features and controls. You should get a manual with your kit to help you figure out the basics, but if you’re still unsure, the below points should help.

How To Vape: Beginner's Guide

Pre-Filled or fill your own e-Liquid Cartridges

As a general guide to new users it is advisable to buy an e cig starter kit that does not require the user to fiddle around with e liquid and have to handle filling cartridges. Buy a good e cigarette starter kit with automatic batteries that comes with pre-filled cartridges as these are simpler and cleaner. There maybe a few pence in price difference but either option will save you a lot of money when compared to using traditional cigarettes!

Turning your e-cig on and off

Some e-cigarettes will have a button located on the vape pen that turns the device on i.e. a manual e cigarette. A manual vape pen or e cigarette will only produce vapour if it has been switched on, so if you can’t see a button or know how to turn it on, refer to the instructions that came with your kit. The more advisable option for those starting out is the automatic e cigarette which will work automatically once you inhale. The act of inhaling will trigger the electronics and start the vaping process which is more what you will be used to as it is similar to regular smoking.

Producing vapour

Identify if your chosen vape stick is automatic or manual. If it’s automatic, as stated above all you need to do is inhale, however some e cigarettes have a button that you need to hold down to be able to take in the vapour. Bear in mind that when vaping, you don’t have to inhale as hard as you would a normal cigarette.

Adjusting your voltage

The best basic beginner vape kits won’t have a variable volt setting as the vape device is already optimised to work with the e liquid cartridges supplied with the kit, but if you happen to have the option to have either a high or low setting, it’s best to adjust to the lowest setting available and slowly move your way up to establish what temperature gives you the best results. The voltage controls the heat of the device, which in turn controls the vaporizing temperature of the e liquid. As different e liquids have different ingredients the optimum vape temperature may vary. Generally it is better to start out with the pre-filled cartridges that are often sold alongside e cigarette kits as this definitely makes life easier.

Fill your tank/cartomizer with your e-liquid

Some e-cigarettes require you to fill them with e liquid and some come already pre-filled. Make sure you use only lab. tested safe e liquid reviewed here. If the option you have needs you to full the device with e liquid it should be straight forward although it can be a bit messy. This involves removing the cap from the tank/refill and dripping e liquid into it to the required level mark. Check your manual for the exact way to fill your tank.

Where can you vape?

Where you can vape is a bit cloudy in the UK, most modes of public transport have banned vaping, as have most shops. The safest way to avoid getting told off is to only vape where you would smoke a normal cigarette, alternatively, if you’re not sure if vaping is allowed indoors or in a public space, ask whoever may be in charge before vaping.

Where to start your Vaping Journey

The easiest way to get started with vaping is to buy a basic beginners vape starter kit. One that has automatic batteries and pre-filled e-liquid cartridges, this will simplify the transition away from smoking in the most efficient and uncomplicated way possible. We recently put together a list of the top 10 e cig kits that are perfect for beginner vapers. After using your vape pen a few times, you’ll become accustomed to all of its features. Many people prefer the simplicity of the automatic e cigarette kit with pre-filled e liquid cartridges as this is a simple and effective substitute to smoking. Some may want to move across to the large scale more advanced and customisable vaporizers so it is advisable to read the reviews on the site for the current best vaping products available in the UK.

Beginners guide to vaping. Make vaping simple.