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Shisha Pen and Vape lounges

Best Shisha & Vape Friendly Coffee Shops And Bars

Looking for a friendly and sociable place to vape? Here are 10 E-cig friendly Shisha shops & bars!

Asking the question “Where is a good Shisha bar” or  “Where can I vape”? We have found a number of the best vape and Shisha bars and best Shisha vaping coffee shops for you to consider. You need to know that some vape shops still mix their own e liquid on-site without proper facilities and without full disclosure of all ingredients – please make sure you take your own “clean” e liquid! With TPD regs now in place this should not happen now. For further information on the best clean e liquids see our e liquid guide.

  1. The Avant Garde Bespoke Vaping bar.

The brain child of two sisters Sadia Tanvir-Navaab and Almas Tanvir-Khan, the Shisha & Vape bar is the first of its kind in the UK. Found in London’s West End, you can not only vape but have your e liquid made in front of you.

  1. The House of Vapes, Shoreditch

Open from 10am-8pm, they say “Pop into our shop / coffee shop we are open every day!”

  1. Prohibition Vapes, Kent

“We wanted our own vaping lounge where people could come and enjoy themselves first and foremost, talk to others, relax over a coffee and learn more about vaping,”

  1. E-cig and Switch, Blackpool

Ranked #11 of 588 restaurants in Blackpool, this coffee and Shisha/vape shop has been described as “The best vape and coffee house and very friendly”

  1. Smoketronics, Shisha London

With outdoor seating, we’re sure this has been the place to be for vapers this summer.

  1. The Vaping Café, Royal Tunbridge Wells

Coffee and cakes are available and they have been featured on the BBC One Show!

  1. Vibrant Vapours Lounge, Swansea

The generous people at Vibrant Vapours offer free tea and coffee is offered with all purchases.

  1. Cool Vape, Nottingham

The Nottingham Store provides cold drinks, tea and coffee and, random fact, accepts BitCoin as payment.

9. Cafe Ashiana, Derby Shisha

The Derby “proper” Shisha lounge provides milkshakes, tea and coffee, top sports and football TV. Great atmosphere, lovely puddings too!

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Vape In the USA – New York

  1. Henley Vape, NYC

You’re spoilt for choice in the swanky Henley Vape! “We’ve created spaces that are welcoming and engaging. Places where visitors can grab a seat at the vape bar, enjoy free WiFi and simply hangout and relax in a lounge or an open-air patio.”

  1. The Vape Lounge, NYC

Self titled the ‘first of its kind’ The Vape Lounge invites vapors of e liquid and herbs to take some time-out from the NYC hustle and bustle. We’re unsure of the opening hours but avoid hours 4-6pm if you don’t want to participate in their ‘Hippy Hour’