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Electronic Cigarettes & The Public Perception

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The research from our 2000 strong survey aimed to find out what the UK’s populations opinions on electronic cigarette uses. The survey also attempts to find out specifically how users should be treated in the workplace and in public. Finally, the survey looked into the influence of electronic cigarettes on children.

Question 1 asked how many of our participants smoked. The results showed that 45.6% don’t smoke as well as 18.1% of participants who have smoked in the past and quit. Of the smokers 22.1% smoke cigarettes and 7.2% smoke electronic cigarettes. The remaining % is made up of pipe, cigar and people who would rather not divulge the information.

Question 2 explored whether participants thought that electronic cigarettes were an effective method to help people quit smoking. 60.2% thought this was the case where as 39.7% thought it couldn’t help. This is evidently something that needs to be addressed as the NHS’s have stated that e-cigarettes are helpful for people looking to quit. 

Question 3 looked at whether e-cigarette users should be allowed extra breaks at work. 76.2% of participants said that they shouldn’t where as 23.7% of participants said they should. This is despite the PHE suggesting that vapers need more breaks than smokers.

Question 4 looked at whether vapers should be given a special area away from tobacco smokers to vape. Again the PHE have suggested that this is something that should be happening. 44.2% of participants agreed with the PHE whereas 55.7% don’t think that they should be separated.

Question 5 looked at whether or not electronic cigarette users should be allowed to vape at work (i.e at their desk). The overall reaction was negative with 73.6% of participants saying no to this question. Only 26.3% agreed that this could be possible.

Question 6 looked at whether e-cigarettes should be allowed on public transport. 73.3% said no and only 26.6% said yes.

Question 7 looked at whether participants thought that e-cigarettes were a gateway to smoking cigarettes or tobacco. 54.6% thought that they weren’t leaving 45.3% who believed they were. This goes against the official line by the PHE who suggest that almost all electronic cigarette users were ex-smokers.

Question 8 discovered that 59.9% of participants would find a colleague smoking an e-cigarette next to them at work annoying. 34.6% wouldn’t.

Question 9 found that 65.3% of participants thought that an adult smoking an e-cigarette could encourage a child to smoker one also. 34.6% disagreed with this however.

Question 10 found that 35.1% of participants believed that an adult using an e-cigarette could discourage children from smoking tobacco. 64.8% disagreed.