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e-Liquid Mixing Calculator

Our Easy to use DIY e-Liquid calculator is a simple tool for vapers who wish to try their hand at making e-liquid flavours. Use it to get the perfect PG/VG mix, nicotine level and flavour. Of course you could try the new 100% pure VG e liquid, see our best VG e liquid review that looks at maximum-vapour juices that have been specifically formulated for use with sub ohm devices.

Our best e-Juice calculator is accurate to two decimal places and unlike some calculators also allows for a PG/VG mixed e-liquid.

E-Juice mixing instructions.

  1. Add your flavours to get the ideal flavour mix.
  2. Enter PG or VG as a base for your nicotine. (Base Strength mg/ml)
  3. Use slider to control PG/VG mix percent of output.
  4. Enter the nicotine strength required. (Required Strength mg/ml)
  5. Enter Flavouring percentage (typically 5-10%)
  6. Enter Dilution percentage. (Unless using water/vodka to thin leave at 0%)
  7. Set how much e liquid you’d like to make. (Quantity ml)

Our calculator is free to use, feel free to bookmark it and do share the page.

e-Liquid Calculator

Drops are based on 20 per 1ml

Trying your hand at using our e liquid calculator and making your first concoction.

Creating your own e liquid can be great fun. You get to make any flavour you like and its nowhere near ase liquid calculator hard as you might think! In no time at all you will be mixing your own using our e liquid calculator. To start with all you need is an idea of what flavour you would like to make, and these ingredients:

  • Nicotine
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Flavouring

These ingredients are going to be adjusted to meet your individual tastes and you do not need to include nicotine, especially if you are trying to wean yourself off regular cigs and you are working towards a 0mg nicotine level, or your looking to create a 0 mg cloud chasing e-liquid.
When using our calculator, if you do want to add nicotine, be sure to stick to between 6 mg and 24 mg. This is what most people vape at. Please bear in mind undiluted nicotine is extremely dangerous and it can be absorbed through the skin. So you need to be extra careful when using this and make sure you wear protective clothing. Needless to say, keep out of reach of children and pets.
Nicotine is the obvious ingredient, and you will want to make sure you mix your juice to the nicotine level that’s right for you. The level of nicotine is expressed in milligrams per millilitre (mg/ml or mg for short). Again use proper equipment, clothing and gloves and obviously keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

VG/PG Ratio when using E liquid Calculator

When choosing your PG/VG ratio bear in mind that PG is best for getting a cigarette “hit” or “throat hit” which is great for enjoying vaping, for example vaping with a beer and getting that cigarette nicotine hit which could help you avoid regular smoking. This is all of course personal preference. VG on the other hand is the stuff that creates the thickest vapour though VG does not let your body absorb nicotine as easily as PG will. It will give a smoother drag and more vapour. A high VG ratio for example 80% VG:20% PG is what vapers might use for “cloud chasing” or some people even use 100% VG. We would suggest for your first e liquid to use a mix of around 50/50.

e-Liquid Flavouring Mix

Flavouring is totally up to you. You can add as much or as little as you want and we would suggest starting off with around 5%, some flavours like aniseed at 5% are still very strong and you may find that you will need less volume.

What other tools do I need?

To get started immediately with our e liquid mixing calculator, you will need:
Measuring cup
Small funnel
Protective gloves
An E liquid Calculator
That’s it, your all set to go ahead and make your own e juice. Good luck with using our calculator and if you have any feedback for us get in touch via social media:

Example Mixture:

For an example, we will make 10 ml of 18 mg solution with a 10% flavour. We will aim for 80% vg 20% pg. We will use a base nicotine strength of 36 mg.
Our calculator will show that we need the following amounts of ingredients:

5ml vg/pg base nicotine
4ml of PG
15 drops of VG
2 drops of flavouring

You will notice that the base strength is 36 mg, but we are using double that in volume of liquid, hence the final result of 18 mg product. Now your ready to put your e-liquid into a bottle, shake it, and put it on a shelf for a week or two to let the flavour develop (Steeping). Be sure to write down what you did so if you really like it when you go to try it, you can make it again!

We wish you best of luck with our e liquid calculator – Happy vaping!

If you would like to look at some pre-made premium e liquids in addition to using our calculator, feel free to head over to our best e liquid page.

Updated. 2017-01-13

Copyright © ecigreviewsite. All Rights Reserved. Do not reproduce or use ANY part of this calculator or the script herein for any reason without our prior written permission. Mixing e-liquids can be dangerous, use proper equipment in a sterile environment. Use only pharma grade e-Liquid ingredients. Some e-liquid mixtures perform better in certain vape pens, vaporizers, mods and tanks than in others.