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By Tracey Jackson, Best E-Cigarette UK

Your easy e-Cigarette Selector

Vaping made Simple!

Below is a range of various vaping devices to help you choose the best vaping device for your needs quickly and simply. From the basic e cigarette, the shisha pen or vape pen through to the more advanced vaporizers. There are two categories, pre-filled e cigarettes and open system devices. Open system devices require the user to fill their device with e liquid whereas pre-filled devices are ready to use. For newer users I would recommend using only the pre-filled options so that you avoid having to use e-liquids – an unnecessary additional step during your transition from smoking to vaping which can get a bit messy. Click the image of the the one most suitable and check out the review.


Pre-filled e-Cigarettes

Best Quality E-Cigarette

regular small best quality e cig

I want something small, simple and straightforward & easy to use. See here







Best Quality E-Cigarette -High Tech.

modern tech slim e cig vape pen - Ex-Series-v2

I want something simple and straightforward with a modern touch. Find the Best advanced vape pens here









Open System Vaping Devices

Modern Tank system – also called the Shisha Pen or Vape Pen

best mini tank shisha pen small e cig

I want something that’s simple, straightforward and not too big and want an open system e cigarette to use any eLiquid – click here.







Hi-Tech Vaporizer – eLiquid, Tobacco & Dry Herb & Wax

Best Dry herb vaporizer: The V2 Pro Series 3

Click me

I want something small simple and straight forward and want an open system to use any e-Liquid and also vape dry herb or loose leaf tobacco or wax oil from time to time.

Advance Vape Pen producing maximum vapour – used by many simply for vaping their favourite eJuice here.








Hi-Tech Vaporizer – e-Liquid, Tobacco & Dry Herb & Wax

Best vaporizer for dry herb, advanced vape pen.

Click here for details


I want a regulated variable power vaporizer, something simple and straight forward and want an open system to use any e-Liquid. I also vape dry herb, wax or other material often.

Advance Vape Pen producing maximum vapour – used by many simply for vaping their favourite e-Juice and other material without having to have more than one device.




Larger Scale Box Mod Device

Best Box Mod UK brand.

Click image for info.

I want something easy to use with e-liquid only but want the best regulated mod device with variable wattage, voltage or variable temperature. I would like to be able to exhale huge vapour clouds! I don’t mind if it is large or if there is more maintenance required.

Box Mod shown along side simple vape pen to show scale.









Getting Your Nicotine hit

The box mod device obviously burns considerably higher rates of e liquid than say a vape pen simply because they create more vapour. So much so that it is recommended that users only use lower level nicotine strength e liquids with the box mod for sub ohm vaping (typically 3-6 mg whereas generally with e cigarettes users are using 12-24 mg nicotine strength). You do not want a nicotine overdose!

See the article on “How much vapour do you need?

Box mod and sub ohm vaping, vapour clouds.