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  1. The Ultimate Modding Guide – What We Think About Vape Mods

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    The Ultimate Vape Modding Guide

    When e cigarette users are looking for a stronger hit that produces more vapour than usual, many reviews may recommend looking into buying an e-cig mod. At e-cig review site, we dont generally recommend that users buy a mod as it doesnt necessarily serve to help smokers quit, unlike the standard electronic cigarette but the standard e cigarette used must be of high quality. There are many poor quality e cigs that just will not help. Because of the unnaturally huge vapour in-take into the lungs, Mods can increase the risk of health issues and are often used as a fashion accessory. We at ECR believe this cancels out the potential benefits that a quality small scale e-cigarette can provide for smokers. Nevertheless, we still aim to show you exactly what you should be looking for if you are interested in buying a mod.

    So, What Exactly Is A Mod?

    In short, mods are larger vaping devices with more powerful batteries that also allow a degree of customisation. The atomisers within a mod can be manually constructed and prepared. The resistance within an atomiser is usually lower in order to create a greater vapour volume (sub ohm vaping). But because of this, the battery uses more power and the e-liquid drains far more quickly – expensive! The claimed advantage is that the vape mod can produce significantly greater vapour and can offer greater flavour. Whilst greater flavour may be a valid point, massive vapour does not appear to be an advantage for your average smoker looking to transition to vaping.


    Clearomizers use pre-built coil heads which screw onto the base of the tank which contains the e liquid. Generally they are clear glass/plastic so that allows the user to view the e liquid level. Once filled the liquid feeds into the coil head, which in turn produces the vapour. The simplest attachment next to the cartridge or cartomizer is the clearomizer, giving you a very simple yet clean powerful vape.

    Consider if: Simplicity is what you’re after. A quality small tank/clearomiser vape pen can produce significant vapour and give excellent flavour.

    RTA Rebuildable Tank Atomizers

    RTA’s are similar to clearomizers, except that they are re-buildable. They have a chimney/shaft section which the juice feeds into which then goes to the wick and then onto the coil which has been built in order to produce the vapor. The advent of the RTA allows the user to ‘build their own’ atomizer. The biggest difference is that they generally require users to put parts together to create their vaping kit.

    Consider if: You like DIY and want something that you can modify – but only if you have extensive vaping knowledge.

    RDA/ RBA Rebuildable Dripper Atomizer

    RDA/RBA’s feed the juice directly into the chamber, onto the wick, then into the coil. This mod doesnt necessarily have a tank section to hold the e-liquid and can be used to drip e liquid directly to the coil. RDAs can produce big vapour and flavour. RDAs are the choice of many DIY cloud chasers.

    Consider if: You want more fruit/sweet flavours and more vapour and have a great knowledge of vaping …and like DIY. See the article on “Big Clouds means less Nicotine, Smaller Clouds means more Nicotine”

    So Is A Mod Right For Me?

    As suggested previously, at the E-Cig Review Site we promote the use of quality electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking. Our aims are to introduce smokers into the possibility of an alternative, which is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. Therefore aiding smokers in their efforts to eventually quit smoking altogether. For an electric cigarette, this is their prime function and they do it well. With a modifiable electronic cigarette, the goals and needs of the user change. Modified electronic cigarette users aim to vape with more flare. For Modders their main aim is generally to increase their levels of ‘throat-hit’ or ‘vape plumage’; this in turn changes the overall purpose for using modified e-cigarettes. They have essentially moved away from the idea that electronic cigarettes are helpful for smokers looking to quit and have instead become more a fashion accessory or tool to produce huge clouds of vapour.

    We believe that this may take something away from the spirit of the electronic cigarette. It is also worth mentioning that the vape mod uses up significantly more e-liquid than traditional electronic cigarettes in order to produce these ‘exhaust fumes’. This consequently adds to the price of the habit, which could start escalating to that of tobacco smokers.

    A mod could be useful for an inquisitive user, who is looking to push the barriers of electronic cigarettes by creating huge vape plumes or by increasing the throat hit. Most users should find that a quality electronic cigarettes would satisfy the average persons desire for throat hit and plumage. Using a quality smaller scale e cigarette or vape pen with higher VG content than usual will give a lot more vapour. In addition increasing the nicotine strength of the e-liquid will give a greater throat hit ie. without having to start using a vape mod. If you require more flavour or taste try a different e liquid brand or a different strength nicotine e liquid in your vape pen!

    Mods are also good for people who like to construct their own science experiments, people who like to build computers from scratch or generally people with an interest in engineering or DIY enthusiasts. I would advise anyone who isnt particularly handy with these kinds of tasks to stay away from mods as they can work out quite costly.       

    Another downside worth pointing out about mods is the quality control. Electronic cigarettes bought from established companies will provide a guarantee that may include safety. When tinkering with mods, users run the risk of products malfunctioning which could prove to be dangerous.

    Trading Addictions

    As discussed, the culture behind modding electronic cigarettes can promote the continued use of vaping, more vapour, higher temperatures and lower resistances in an attempt to get massive vapour rather than the tiered stages of withdrawal standards e-cigarettes promote. Some Mod culture can seem to encourages others to blog, tweet and review on forums and social media about quantity. There is also often very little in the way of health fears or concerns that are discussed in some of these communities.

    Modding is a hobby which has moved away from the end game of quitting smoking. This can be dangerous for normal electronic cigarette users, as modded devices and normal devices are often clumped together under the same umbrella. The vaping community has a tough time with misinformation and poor reporting from the world’s media. Headlines of exploding pens and e-cigarettes being more dangerous than tobacco only serve to encourage tobacco use. This in turn affects everyone due to the strain tobacco use has on healthcare and public services.

    Final Word

    Modding began when users were dissatisfied with the earlier electronic cigarette products and rightly so as many early products were simply bad. Many early e cigs werent giving the user the ‘hit’ they needed nor the ‘smoke’ they were used to when smoking. Batteries lasted for an hour or so (circa 2008/9). Simply put they were not fit for purpose.

    Without the early modders perhaps e cig companies would not have had the commercial pressure to invest in, find and establish quality smaller scale devices. As the industry has progressed however there are some electronic cigarette companies who offer exceptional and simple e cig products that are reliable and that produce both significant levels of vapour and ‘hit’. Smokers can now easily transition which will ensure that e cigarettes will be the number one tool to help users cut down and eventually quit smoking. This is a considerable achievement for this device.

    The mod lives on alongside the quality electronic cigarette for those who wish to provide a bigger vape show and/or enjoy DIY vaping. However with the advent of newer vape mods now offering pre-built ready made atomizer options, removing the necessity for any DIY, those who have not as yet found a quality small scale e cigarette may be tempted to the larger scale vape mods. We hope that this review site helps vapers make the right choice on their journey to quitting.

    For further reading on sub ohm vaping, vape mods, huge clouds and nicotine absorption see our full article here.


  2. Christmas Gift Guide for Vapers of All Levels

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    Christmas Gift Guide for Vapers of All Levels

    Christmas is just around the corner, a time to spend quality time with friends and family and of course, to exchange gifts. The festive shopping spree is in full swing with plenty of people looking for that perfect something to buy their someone special. Whether it’s something they’ve dreamed of owning or something they need, a Christmas gift should have some meaning behind it.

    Of course just after Christmas comes New Year, a time where people reflect on their lives and vow to make changes for the better in the year to come. Each new year thousands of smokers make the decision to quit smoking for good. If someone close to you is planning to quit smoking for their new year’s resolution why not give them a helping hand?

    Here we’ve provided a Christmas gift guide for vapers, to give the vaper in your life a great Christmas present. Whether they’re just about to quit smoking and begin their vaping journey, or if they’ve been a vaper for a while and are looking for that next step up, you’ll find plenty of information to guide you in getting them a great gift.

    Are they planning on quitting smoking?

    Stopping smoking for good takes a lot of motivation and dedication and e-cigarettes are a stepping stone that can help them on their quest. There are numerous brands and styles of e-cigarettes out there, so we’ve offered up our favourite e-cigarettes for beginner and advanced vapers.


    V2 Ex-Series

    V2 offer a great range of Ex-Series starter kits that are perfect for helping beginners with the transition from smoking to vaping. They offer a number of starter kits, each with different components, that make a beginner’s vaping gift affordable for whatever budget you might have.

    The V2 Ex-Series are standard refillable e-cigarettes, meaning that a wide variety of e-liquids can be used with it. So whether your future vaping friend is looking to taste the traditional tobacco flavour, or if they have a sweet tooth, you know that they will be able to vape with an e-liquid that matches their own tastes.

    This particular this e-cigarette has a sleek and modern design and comes in a number of colours too. From brushed steel to sparkling rose gold, matte black to white opal, there’s an Ex-Series style for everyone.

    Depending on your budget, you can add to your e-cigarette gift with the various starter kits that V2 offer with their Ex-Series range. The basic kit already provides plenty for the beginner vaper, with the e-cigarette kit itself along with 6 samples of various e-liquid flavours. Other kits come with smart chargers, a carry case and additional e-liquid cartridges, for example.


    V2 Vertx

    Another great option for beginner vapers is the V2 Vertx. It’s considered one of the best micro pens available to vapers, not only for its technology, but for its design too.

    V2 proudly promote the flat surfaced design of the Vertx for the stylish appearance it gives the pen. It also means that the pen won’t roll off a table so it’s difficult to lose and can be kept out of reach of children too. This is a great design for vapers who aren’t used to owning an e-cigarette of any kind.

    Another great feature of the Vertx that’s perfect for beginners is the design of its cartridges. They are pre-filled with a magnetic fixture, which means all the vaper has to do is simply slot it into the e-cigarette and it’s good to go! It also helps prevent any leakages that could happen with standard cartridges.

    The technology of the Vertx means that a beginner vaper can continue to use the pen throughout their vaping journey. This is due to the adjustable settings that allow the user to pick and choose how much vapour is produced.

    Similarly to the Ex-Series, the Vertx comes in a number of colours to suit various tastes, including black, white, yellow and rose gold.


    V2 Pro Series 3

    This is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a quality vape product and looking to quit full-time smoking and start full-time vaping. Considered a “jack of all trades”, the Pro Series 3 is adaptable, in that it can be used with both e-liquids and tobacco leaf too. If ever there’s an off day there’s always the option to use tobacco and then to switch back to e-liquids and continue the quest to stop smoking for good.

    The cartomisers that hold the e-liquid, tobacco leaf and in some cases, oil – works with the pen to determine what temperature to heat up to, depending on the ingredient being used. This nifty trick provides users with an enjoyable vaping experience that they won’t want to stray from.

    Similarly to the Ex-Series, the Pro Series 3 also has magnetic cartridges as a feature making replacing cartridges easy and stress free. Simply pull apart firmly to charge or refill its cartridges, then push the two pieces back together to carry on vaping! This easy to use design also makes it as simple as possible to swap between e-liquids and tobacco leaf.

    The Pro Series 3 has received many positive reviews not only for its features but for its battery life too. Described as having an “inexhaustible battery”, you can be rest assured that you’re getting someone a great gift with this fantastic e-cigarette.

    The perfect gift for the extreme vaper

    You might be looking to buy for someone who is already a big fan of vaping, so we thought we’d give you our top pick for this audience.


    Kanger Topbox Mini

    For the hardcore vapers in your life, “Mods” are the way to go. They provide their users with a wealth of vaping options due to their larger batteries as well as a stronger flavour too. The Kanger Topbox Mini is one of the best Mods available on the market and will make a great Christmas gift for an e-cigarette pro that you know!

    For a vaping mod it comes at a decent price so if your budget is tight you know you’re getting a decent product for your money. It is also relatively simple to use – especially for those who are well versed in the art of vaping – and has a sleek sophisticated design unlike many of the other larger mods.

    Of course these are just a few of the many, many e-cigarettes on the market but at Ecig Review Site we only like to talk about the best. If you have any questions concerning e-cigarettes and the best buys for a Christmas gift feel free to get in touch!

    Still need your mind making up? Check out our handy infographic which will help you make your mind up.


  3. Tips And Tricks To Help You Control Your Tobacco Cravings

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    When trying to quit smoking, tobacco cravings and urges can try to overpower your motivation to give up cigarettes. These cravings usually come in short bursts and if you can withstand them for long enough, you will see that they usually disappear relatively quickly.

    To help you successfully stop smoking for good, here are a few things to try out when these urges appear, to take your mind off the need to smoke and instead, look towards a healthier future without cigarettes.


    Avoid tempting situations

    Whether it’s the smoking shelter at work, an emergency pack of cigarettes at home, or even social events where smoking has become the norm, consider any locations or situations that could lure you into smoking a cigarette and avoid it as much as possible.

    Try a different route into work that avoids passing by the smoking shelter and throw away any and every pack of cigarettes you have. You could also suggest doing something new with friends, that takes your mind off smoking and onto something different instead.


    Give yourself 10 minutes

    Whenever the urge rears its ugly head, tell yourself to wait 10, 15, 20 minutes before acting. Give yourself a task to do in that time-frame, such as finishing something at work, a spot of cleaning or even calling a friend you’ve been meaning to for some time. Whatever it is, the chances are that both the time lapsed and the task carried out will help you mind and body forget about the craving you had.


    Sweat it out

    Join the gym or head to a local leisure centre whenever the urge to smoke strikes. Just half an hour of jogging, swimming or cycling can diminish the cravings and focus your mind on having a good workout.

    If you’re not a fan of the gym, cleaning the house works just as well and is something that we have to do, anyway. So when you feel like having a cigarette, pick up a vacuum cleaner or duster instead.


    Keep a diary

    Invest in a diary for your journey through stopping smoking, to use as a motivator in times of need. A diary can record some of your biggest achievements during your quitting journey, and it can really help to look back at those moments when cravings kick in.


    Take on a new hobby

    Is there something you’ve always fancied trying or doing? Have the cost and health implications of smoking stopped you from giving it a go? Now’s the time to take on a new hobby, not only to celebrate giving up smoking, but to distract you from any tobacco cravings that might come about.


    Try an e-cigarette

    Going cold turkey doesn’t work for everyone and in some cases, a happy medium between a smoker and non-smoker works perfectly. E-cigarettes are a great middle ground between giving up cigarettes for the first time and living a healthy smoke and nicotine free life.

    Cravings are usually related to nicotine, so invest in an e-cigarette and use an e-liquid that contains nicotine, to beat cravings and slowly progress along your journey to the new you.

    If you only take one thing away from this, it’s that it’s important to remember just how quickly these cravings can come and go. When they do appear, be patient and take some time to let them disappear again, rather than instantly reaching for a cigarette and falling back to where you started.

  4. E-Cigarettes and the NHS

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    E-Cigarettes and the NHS

    Last month the NHS revealed brand new research from University College London (UCL) and Cancer research UK. The research found the steady rise in vaping has helped thousands quit traditional cigarettes.

    In the UK, it’s estimated that e-cigarettes are the most popular aid when it comes to giving up smoking, with an estimated 2.8 million people using them to kick the habit. Other research from reputable sources including Public Health England also estimates that e-cigarettes are actually 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes.

    The NHS shared on their website that although it is impossible to prove e-cigarettes are the reason more people are quitting, there is a strong correlation between a combination of smoking cessation aids, like e-cigs, and the decrease of smoking rates in the UK.

    Where did the NHS find this information?

    This new information shared by the NHS was published in the peer-reviewed British Medical Journal (BMJ). As this is on an open access basis, you can read it all free here.

    Whilst the article continues to say although the long-term effects are still uncertain, many other organisations (such as PHE) back up the evidence that e-cigarettes are undoubtedly safer than tobacco cigarettes.

    What kind of research was this?

    This research collected was data from various cross-sectional surveys. The NHS explain that this type of research has been able to assess the changes in smoking over the years, and whether e-cigarettes are linked to quitting rates.

    Although this type of study cannot actually prove the cause and effect, it is useful in other aspects, particularly when looking at trends and policies across the population.

    Robert West, co-author of the study and Professor of Health Psychology at University College, London said “We estimate for every 10,000 people who used an e-cigarette to quit, there are approximately 580 people who would have quit regardless.”

    What were some key findings?

    Here are the key findings the NHS picked out:

    • Over the study period, there was an increase in the success rate of those who reported an attempt to quit (from 10.6% in the last quarter of 2006 to 18.6% in the first quarter of 2015).
    • Meanwhile, while use of e-cigarettes among smokers was negligible in the last quarter of 2006, it rose to 21.3% at the end of the study.
    • Use of e-cigarettes during an attempt to quit also rose sharply from nothing to 35% by 2015.


    In Conclusion

    The study ultimately found those who use NHS stop smoking services are more likely to quit. However, many people don’t use these services and instead opt to quit successfully with nicotine patches and e-cigarettes

    Professor Linda Bauld, the chairwoman in cancer prevention at Cancer Research UK, said the research “suggests many people are using e-cigarettes rather than other available options to stop smoking, and for a significant number they are working”.

    She continues to say “This is a positive choice and we should promote it.”

  5. The Physical Effects On Your Body When You Quit Smoking Tobacco

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    20 minutes after your final cigarette your heart rate will begin to drop down to a normal rate.

    2 hours after you have quit your blood pressure will return to a normal rate, your blood circulation will begin to improve and the tips of your fingers and toes will begin to feel normal again. This is also about the time when nicotine withdrawals will kick in. Often these feelings including intense cravings, anxiety and tension and an increased appetite.

    After 12 hours of quitting the carbon monoxide in your body decreases to lower levels. Whilst smoking Carbon Monoxide bonds to your blood restricting the amount of oxygen which flows through your blood which can lead to heart and health problems. After 12 hours your oxygen levels in the blood improve to normal levels.

    24 hours after quitting the risk of coronary artery disease will begin to reduce. Risk of coronary disease is 70% higher than it is for non-smokers. Your risk of having a heart attack also reduces.

    After 48 hours your nerve endings will begin to regrow meaning your ability to smell and taste will also improve. The smell of coffee or the taste of a biscuit will be enhanced to a normal level, which as a smoker you will not have experienced for some time.

    3 days after you’ve quit, nicotine will be completely out of your body. Symptoms of nicotine withdrawal may reach its highest point at this stage. You may experience physical and emotional symptoms during withdrawal such as headaches, nausea, cramps and excessive sweating.

    After three weeks your abilities to perform and exercise without feeling out of breath will be enhanced. Stopping smoking for a couple of weeks gives your body the chance to regenerate and heal. Your blood circulation and heart functions will improve significantly as your lungs begin to clear allowing you to breath easily again. This is usually the period it takes for cravings to dissipate.

    After a month without cigarettes the cilia inside your lungs will begin to repair. These tiny, hair like structures are essential in fighting off infection and allow the lungs to remain clear. With lungs that function correctly, the coughing and shortening of breath will increase.

    After a year without cigarettes your risk of heart disease in halved to that of a smoker. After 5 to 15 years of not smoking, the risk of having a stroke is the same as that as a non-smoker. This is due to the thinning of blood vessels which narrow as a reaction to the toxic substances in cigarettes.

    10 years after quitting your risk of dying from lung cancer drops by half that of a smoker. This also includes a large list of other cancers including throat, kidney, pancreatic and oral cancer.

    15 Years after quitting, your risk of heart disease will have been reduced to that of a non-smoker. Risks of developing symptoms such as arrhythmia will also be reduced to normal levels.

  6. Apps To Help You Quit Smoking

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    Giving up smoking for good is a difficult journey to embark upon and with all kinds of temptations surrounding you on a daily basis, it’s very easy to end up back where you first started. Support is key to successfully quitting smoking forever and while your friends, family, support groups and doctor can help you on your way to a healthier life, there are some apps that can help you along the way, too.

    Here we discuss a number of some of the best apps available to download, that can give you that extra push to stop smoking.

    NHS Smokefree

    The NHS Smokefree app is free for anyone and aims to help users quit smoking. The app consists of a 4 week programme in which you will be given advice and support on a daily basis, as well as a number of badges to congratulate you, the further along your quitting journey you go.

    Not only that, but you can keep photos, videos or voice notes within the app, as a way of remembering a particularly proud moment – the perfect way to encourage yourself to carry on, on days when you feel a little low.

    There’s so much more to the app that we could discuss, but why not check it out for yourself? It’s free and easy to download and has already helped millions of smokers to quit for good.

    My Quit Time

    The My Quit Time app aims to help smokers quit, by showing you the amount of money you are saving, simply from giving up cigarettes.

    The app provides users with the length of time you have been on your quitting journey, how much money you have saved since you stopped buying cigarettes and the amount of cigarettes you haven’t smoked since quitting, and information on the health improvements you should begin to see along the way.

    Not only that, but as a user you can enter your own personal rewards that you look forward to treating yourself to, once you have saved enough money from quitting smoking. So if you’re dreaming of heading off on a summer holiday, you can simply work out the costs, enter it into your My Quit Time app, and it will let you know when you’ve saved enough money to treat yourself to that holiday!

    The app is a great tool for anyone who needs the encouragement of incentives to get them through their quitting journey.

    Quit That!

    Another fantastic app to help with stopping smoking is Quit That! In fact, the app can be used for help with quitting all kinds of bad habits, and smokers have found it especially useful for ditching the smoking habit.

    The main purpose of the app is to keep track of how long it has been since you quit smoking, by showing you real time data in hours, minutes, seconds – even months and weeks! You can also choose to share your journey with other users of the app, or if you’d prefer, you can keep it to yourself too.

    My Last Cigarette

    One of the first stop smoking apps available, My Last Cigarette has successfully supported vast amounts of smokers in their quest to stop smoking for good.

    The app provides a number of motivational displays, including improvements or risks to your health as your progress along your journey, how much you are saving by not buying all those cigarettes and how much your lifespan could potentially increase as a result of quitting smoking. You can also expect images and diagrams to give you a better understanding of what smoking can do to your body as well as the effect of quitting.

    You can also expect a daily message from the app, as a way of motivating you to keep going. So whether you’re ready and raring to begin your stop smoking journey, or you’ve already started and finding it difficult to keep going, it’s well worth downloading the app.

    While it’s bound to be difficult along the way, in time you’ll begin to see that quitting smoking is possible one of the best things you’ll ever have done. To make sure you succeed in your pursuit, make the most of these apps as well as any additional support tools available to you and you’ll begin to make progress in no time.

  7. Electronic Cigarettes & The Public Perception

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    The research from our 2000 strong survey aimed to find out what the UK’s populations opinions on electronic cigarette uses. The survey also attempts to find out specifically how users should be treated in the workplace and in public. Finally, the survey looked into the influence of electronic cigarettes on children.

    Question 1 asked how many of our participants smoked. The results showed that 45.6% don’t smoke as well as 18.1% of participants who have smoked in the past and quit. Of the smokers 22.1% smoke cigarettes and 7.2% smoke electronic cigarettes. The remaining % is made up of pipe, cigar and people who would rather not divulge the information.

    Question 2 explored whether participants thought that electronic cigarettes were an effective method to help people quit smoking. 60.2% thought this was the case where as 39.7% thought it couldn’t help. This is evidently something that needs to be addressed as the NHS’s have stated that e-cigarettes are helpful for people looking to quit. 

    Question 3 looked at whether e-cigarette users should be allowed extra breaks at work. 76.2% of participants said that they shouldn’t where as 23.7% of participants said they should. This is despite the PHE suggesting that vapers need more breaks than smokers.

    Question 4 looked at whether vapers should be given a special area away from tobacco smokers to vape. Again the PHE have suggested that this is something that should be happening. 44.2% of participants agreed with the PHE whereas 55.7% don’t think that they should be separated.

    Question 5 looked at whether or not electronic cigarette users should be allowed to vape at work (i.e at their desk). The overall reaction was negative with 73.6% of participants saying no to this question. Only 26.3% agreed that this could be possible.

    Question 6 looked at whether e-cigarettes should be allowed on public transport. 73.3% said no and only 26.6% said yes.

    Question 7 looked at whether participants thought that e-cigarettes were a gateway to smoking cigarettes or tobacco. 54.6% thought that they weren’t leaving 45.3% who believed they were. This goes against the official line by the PHE who suggest that almost all electronic cigarette users were ex-smokers.

    Question 8 discovered that 59.9% of participants would find a colleague smoking an e-cigarette next to them at work annoying. 34.6% wouldn’t.

    Question 9 found that 65.3% of participants thought that an adult smoking an e-cigarette could encourage a child to smoker one also. 34.6% disagreed with this however.

    Question 10 found that 35.1% of participants believed that an adult using an e-cigarette could discourage children from smoking tobacco. 64.8% disagreed.

  8. Vaping: The Possible Impact and Influences on Children | E-cig Review Site

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    There appears to be an awful lot of confusion around e-cigarettes and the health impacts of vaping, not only for those who choose to vape, but those around them too. Parents are especially concerned when it comes to the health of their children and how they could be impacted and influenced by vaping.

    Here we consider e-cigarettes and vaping, and how they could potentially impact children.


    The promotion of e-cigarettes and vaping

    In the past, when traditional tobacco cigarettes first came onto the scene, advertising and marketing efforts actually promoted these harmful products as a way of prolonging life, little did they know. In recent times, as e-cigarettes were invented and quickly became popular, marketing techniques began to promote these products, too.

    It’s understandable that parents, teachers and other individuals are concerned that marketing e-cigarettes could encourage consumers to invest in them, similarly to that of past cigarette advertising. However, with studies by the Public Health of England discovering that e-cigarettes are in fact 95% less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes, we can be rest assured that these marketing efforts will not be providing incorrect information to consumers, unlike advertising of the past.

    Did you know? Advertising and marketing methods for the promotion of e-cigarettes are now regulated and so the e-cigarette industry is restricted in terms of what it can and cannot say concerning e-cigarettes and vaping. This way, the media is helping to protect children from any false statements.


    Young children and e-cigarette refills

    There has been a number of reports in recent times from hospitals reporting cases of children coming into contact with e-cigarette refills and swallowing them. When this happens, there is a chance that the child could ingest the nicotine solution found within the refill, with a risk of developing nicotine poisoning.

    While thankfully there have been no fatal incidents in the UK, concerning nicotine poisoning from e-cigarette liquids, these reports can cause concern amongst members of the public, on whether or not e-cigarettes and their liquid should be sold.

    Children, especially toddlers, are naturally inquisitive and will try touching, smelling and eating pretty much anything they can get their hands on. It is crucial, therefore, for parents and carers of children to ensure that their e-cigarettes are kept well away from the sight and reach of children.


    Young adults and the use of e-cigarettes

    Studies have recently found that there are a number of teenagers who are beginning to experiment with e-cigarettes, causing concern that they may eventually switch to the harmful, traditional tobacco cigarettes. Update: A Michigan University study has found that vaping amongst teens has reduced significantly.

    On the other hand, the studies have also found that much of the reason for teenagers choosing to vape, is for the sweet and fruity flavours found amongst the vast variety of e-cigarette liquids.

    There is a general public perception that electronic cigarettes could provide the gateway to tobacco smoking. This has been quashed by the Public Health Organisation and the NHS who have both concluded that 99% of electronic cigarette users are in fact ex-smokers. As a consequence these users are all risking their health considerably less than they would if they were to smoke tobacco.

  9. Why Vapers and Smokers Should Remain Separate

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    For a long time, in the work place there has been a serious lack of distinction between smoking and vaping. Part of this problem has been the perception of electronic cigarettes. At the beginning, this was understandable, as they did tend to look like traditional cigarettes. This was a purposeful action; a way to help smokers slowly ease into vaping. They also produced clouds of vapour, which to the average pedestrian, can appear to look like tobacco smoke.

    However, beneath all this, many of us know that vaping is a complete contrast to traditional tobacco smoking, in terms of smell, taste, aesthetic and health. The vape vs smoke conundrum all stemmed from these comparisons and have since escalated into the mainstream, which is where all this misinformation lies.

    This sort of misinformation includes those who say e-cig flavours attract children to start smoking, which are the sort of claims which lump smoking in the same category as vaping. But in fact, out of 2.8 million adults in Great Britain who use e-cigarettes almost all are ex- smokers, with very few young people taking up the habit.

    The need to separate tobacco smokers and electronic cigarette smokers stems from the idea of the habit loop. The habit loop is a theory that has been used to explain a phenomenon such as peer mentoring support for alcoholics. It has also been used by multi-billion dollar corporations to enhance their marketing campaigns. The habit loop is a neurological loop that governs any habit. The loop is made up of three elements; cue, routine and reward.

    The cue can be anything that triggers the habit. The habit or routine is essentially the behavioural action that takes place in order to achieve the reward which usually ends in a chemical release of pleasure through Endorphins such as Serotonin and Dopamine.

    In the situation of a cigarette smoker at work a cue might be a certain time in the day, or maybe a drink such as a tea or coffee. The behaviour will follow the cue; in the context of work this would be leaving the office to head outside for a cigarette, the reward is the pleasure of the cigarette. This cognitive system is set in place and would need to be reversed in the event of a smoker looking to quit.

    The habit loop theory recognises that the cue’s and the rewards are almost unchangeable. When changing a habit, we must focus on changing the behaviour. One fantastic step to change this behaviour is by replacing the act of smoking a cigarette with an electronic cigarette. But more can be done, especially in the workplace.

    By sending electronic cigarette users outside with other smoker’s employers are making it more difficult for e-cig users to quit. This is because being outside with other smokers is reinforcing the negative habit and encouraging more cues and behaviours associated with tobacco smoking.

    This is why separating tobacco smokers and electronic cigarette smokers is important. It is a situation which has been brought to light by Public Health England who have stated the importance of having vape areas away from tobacco smokers, now it is time for more employers to start taking notice.

    Encouraging Employers

    Public Health England have also been trying to encourage ill- informed employers to make space for vapers, who are normally required to go outside. They say “Vapers should not be required to use the same space as smokers, as this could undermine their ability to quit smoking and stay smoke-free particularly among those most heavily addicted”.

    It doesn’t end at this though. Along with encouraging employers to find separate areas, PHE also request that to avoid confusion, people do not use smoking terminology when relating to those smoking e- cigarettes.

    The National Director of health and wellbeing at Public Health England says “The evidence is clear that vaping is much less harmful than smoking and that e-cigarettes are helping many smokers to quit.” To maximise the number of smokers switching to e-cigarettes, vaping should be made a more convenient, as well as safer, option.” The guideline believes that vaping should be banned only in school or workplaces when children are present.

    Of course, not all organisations will be the same. But the bottom line is, by keeping vapers and smokers separate, it will reduce the negative stigma that comes with vaping. This is why when making a policy, employers need to take into account of the evidence that clearly distinguishes vaping and smoking.

  10. Alternative Ways to Accommodate Vaping in Work | E-Cig Review Site

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    Vaping and the use of e-cigarettes has become increasingly popular in recent times, with almost 3 million adults choosing to use them as a way to stop smoking for good. While this new method of controlling nicotine addiction is set to become a permanent fixture in society, many workplaces are failing to aid their employees in their quest to stop smoking, by not permitting them the use of e-cigarettes in work.

    While just half of workplaces appear to be showing signs of adopting the shift towards e-cigarette use by making changes to any policies in place, the other half are seemingly failing their employees.

    Here we look at some of the ways in which vaping can be accommodated in the workplace and in its policies, without affecting the health of non-smokers or non-vapers, whilst keeping those who vape happy at the same time.


    Designated Vaping Areas

    By providing a designated area for e-cigarette users to vape, away from both traditional smokers and those who choose to do neither, vapers are not only given the chance to continue their quest to stop smoking, but can do so in a safe and convenient place away for the temptation of tobacco cigarettes.

    With no signs of any law being put into place, whereby e-cigarettes will be banned from being using throughout indoor public spaces, you could even turn a space room in the office, into a designated vaping room!

    Designated vaping areas are backed by anti-smoking government organisations, including Public Health England, and are well worth investing in keep vaping employees happy and motivated to work well.


    Smoking and Vaping Schedules

    If you are unable to add in additional vaping areas to your workplace, be it due to costs or a lack of extra space, how about creating a smoking and vaping schedule to add into your policy? That way, smokers and vapers are able to use the same area, away from non-smokers, but at different times, to avoid anyone who uses e-cigarettes from being affected by the use of tobacco cigarettes.


    Dismiss the Disguise

    There are a number of e-cigarettes available to buy, that mimic the look of a traditional tobacco cigarette such as the Green Smoke electric cigarette. Seeing these particular types of e-cigarettes could offend other works or visitors to the premises, as they could assume that someone is smoking a standard cigarette.

    In order to reduce the likelihood of offending staff members, a newly reformed policy should ensure that all workers are made aware of e cigarettes and their use in the work place.

    Incorporate Benefits for Non-Smokers

    Non-smokers have a tendency to get irritated by the regular breaks that smokers receive in comparison to them, and if and when e-cigarettes come into the workplace, the same irritation could get worse. To help non-smokers get on board with the accommodation of e-cigarettes in your workplace, why not allow them additional 5-minute breaks in the morning and afternoon, to go grab a coffee or just head outside for a breath of fresh air?


    Discuss Changes with the Team

    Any changes to a workplace policy including vaping should be discussed with existing members of your team, particularly if it involves changes in the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace. Discuss how you are hoping to bring vaping into the workplace and consider making amendments to the policy, should any team members be happy with what you’ve come up with.

    You could also consider trialling the changes for a couple of months and measuring the impact. This way, you are ensuring that the entire team is happy with any changes, before they are put into place permanently.

    Introducing the use of e-cigarettes into your workplace could go either way, so it is crucial to consider the options and how to best bring in the change, that will have the smallest impact on your team overall.