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By Tracey Jackson, Best E-Cigarette UK

Best Vape Pen UK Reviews

The ultimate review guide for e-Liquid, Dry Herb and wax oil vape pens 2017

The best vape pen available is not as straightforward as you may think! Some consider the shisha pen as a vape pen, some think of a vape pen as an e-cigarette and others a vaporizer device for vaping herbs or tobacco with. We have fully covered the best Shisha Pen in the Shisha Pen Review section and the best vaporizer UK brands in the Vaporizer Review section of this site.

In this section of the review site we summarise the best of the best and give you a condensed version of what’s happening out there in 2017 regarding vaping.

First you need to consider what it is you want to vape with your vape pen. E liquid, tobacco, dry herbs, aromatherapy blends or even weed or wax concentrates hash oil. In this section we review the best vape pen UK selection for the most popular vape materials and also review the issue of their relative size.

It must be pointed out that there are certain vape pen attachments/coils that can be used with e cigarette batteries that state they vaporize the medium but in actual fact they use combustion to burn the material. For example the “Yocan 94F vaporizer” uses combustion and not vaporization. Make sure you know the difference!! Your health is at risk.

V2 Slim Line UK Vape Pen & Shisha Pen by Vapour2

Best small Vape pen UK

This vaporizer is the best vape pen UK brand, a mini vape kit. Extremely reliable and properly made. Boasting a huge 4.2 Volts packed into a relatively tiny battery with an eLiquid-tank attached. This vape device produces good volumes of vapour, sufficient for the vast majority of us and has a great throat hit. This e liquid kit scores highly as a result of its small, sleek, lightweight, simple and very very practical nature. The refill/mini-tank holds 1.0 ml of e-Liquid equivalent to approx. 15-20 cigarettes. Its simple design ensures no replacement of parts or seals are needed so no e-Liquid leaks.

The range of Vapour2 UK products also allows vapers a full vaping experience. There are tanks for e-liquid users (called Ex-Blanks) designed for both new users and those who have been vaping for some time. Alternatively, and recommended for those new to vaping, you may want to use the straight forward pre-filled cartridge vape pens. There are also separate tanks if you vape wax/oils. The whole system is modular meaning you can interchange any of their tanks with any of their batteries so that you get the best vaping experience for your specific needs.

This vape pen comes in various colours including black, blue, pink and white, it also comes in various lengths to suit every vape need whether you are a heavy or light user. Check out the Ex-Series kits too.

For those with a specific medical vaporiser need. The V2 vape pen range is without doubt the best medical marijuana wax concentrate vape pen in the UK for a small scale device.* I know of no other effective vaporizer this size that you can vaporize wax – a must for those who vaporize wax for medical purpose and want a small vape pen. Make sure you use the dedicated wax cartridge and use as prescribed.

This is my top choice UK vape pen for when you are out and about and want something easy and discreet. Pocket or purse perfect! Used with V2 lab. tested eliquid this represents about the safest vape pen out there.vape wax and herb oilvape E-Liquid, wax and oil

Used for e-liquids and wax/oils. Separate cartridge refills


best mini vape penV2 Pro Vaporizer


Jack Vapour Series-E Vaporizer Pen

The Series-E Aero looks like many of the generic vape pens out there however it is of a good Not the best vape pen UK - Jac Vapour e-pen 3rd placebuild quality. Sporting 1000 mA battery this will last you all day and some. It is a short and very stocky design in stainless steel finish and fits well in you hand however it is significantly heavier than the mini-tank and holds 2.5 ml of eLiquid. To fit a 1000 mAh battery means a big diameter.

The AERO tank is heavy, good quality and comes with 2 replacement coils and is relatively easy to assemble and re-assemble when replacing coils, tubes or seals/O-rings. This can all get a little messy though as with all vape pen and vaporizer devices that require the user to replace worn out internal parts. In addition there is a higher risk of leaks as there are a number of separate parts. Replacing the Aero tank is also expensive at around £19.00.

This is a variable voltage e-cigarette controlled by clicking the side button which can be varied in 3 stages 3.7, 4.2 and 4.8 volts. The Series-E is limited to eLiquid only and produces good volumes of vapour and associated throat hit. An ideal e-cig until the Pro Series 3 crashed the party.vaporizes E-Liquid only

Used for e-liquids only.


jac vapour vape pen -3rd place



V2 Pro: Series 3 Vaporizer

best vaporizer pen UK Brand - RIGHT NOW!Reviewing e-cigarettes means you come across all shapes and sizes of vape pens and e-cigs. But nothing prepares you for the V2 Pro S3 Vape Pen. It is a total rethink! Looking at the many best vaporizer reviews in the UK shows that it is a different animal. The Pro S3 is at the cutting edge of e cigarette design and technology, with its ability to combine with 3 different cartridges this e-cigarette actually thinks for itself – first it detects which medium you are vaping – automatically, then it sets the temperature to the optimum temperature of the material you are vaping – automatically.

Best vape pen temperatures.It is a 3-in-1 vape pen allowing the user to vape tobacco, loose leaf dry herb, wax and oils and then of course eLiquid. No replacement coils or seals in the cartridge means no leaks. To charge – simply click in the magneto-lock USB charger and you are good to go – vape while you are waiting. Nothing to screw on or off eliminating leaking. The new V2 Vertx comes out in the UK in 2017 so it will be an interesting comparison.

The cartridges don’t screw in like all the rest of the vape pens on the market – again they are magnetic, simply drop in for a secure fix! This unit is 650 mAh so gives all day and night vaping. It is smaller, neater and lighter than the JacV Series-E. For full & tech details go here

Ideal for eLiquids and low intensity dry herb/wax use. Full review here.

Gizmodo rates it as best vape pen for under $150…going on to say a high-quality, versatile, portable vape that won’t cost you an arm or a leg (or a lung)….Less than a second, your mouth fills with thick piles of vapor—it’s crazy, you don’t even need to inhale. The thing produces so much vapor….quality and performance of the V2 Pro Series 3, especially at a $60 price point, is unmatched.

At this price you are getting the best eliquid e cigarette AND also a great dry herb vaporizer

Best used for e-liquids, vaporizing wax/oils and loose leafweed and loose-leaf vapingvaporizes oil wax and loose leaf dry herbE-Liquid, oil wax and loose leaf dry herb


best vaporizer pen




V2 Pro Redefines the Vaporizer Category from V2 Cigs

Discover the new standard in personal vaporizers and vape pens. V2 Pro offers a range of options at an incredible value. With cartridges capable of vaporizing liquid, essential oils, wax and loose-leaf products, V2 Pro 3 delivers options and performance unmatched by any other vaporizer on the UK market. The Pro 3 is simply the best vaporizer in the UK. Go Vape V2!

For more dedicated herb vaporizers and larger vape pens see our V2 Pro 7 and Pax 2 Reviews.

Vaporization V’s Combustion

It is of significance that many vape pen sellers are marketing some of their devices as vaporizers, either the whole vape pen system or just the tank/cartomizers. Some of the vape pens are NOT vaporizers and merely heat up an element, not unlike the heating element of an electric fire, that simply “burns” the vaping material. This is NOT the same as vaporization. Not the best vape practice to use such a device! During burning or combustion a significant number of additional chemicals are produces as it is the same as smoking – the chemicals released from smoking are well known to cause smoking related death or disease. Vaporizing tobacco (and probably dry herb) has been recognised by Public Health England (PHE) to be considerably safer than “smoking” or burning tobacco/dry herb ie. combustion. Be clear!

Match your cigarette brand to an e-Liquid flavour – B&H Gold? Try Congress Flavour e-Liquid.

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Vape simple – Vape clean!