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Best Shisha Pen UK | e Shisha Pen Review.

best shisha UK - hookah penBy Tracey Jackson. Unlike the E-Cigarette market which has many good e-cig review sites, at this time there are very few best Shisha Pen review sites or e-Hookah reviews for the best Shisha Pen UK market. We will keep a close eye on the situation and as more e Shisha Pen review sites appear we will then be able to conduct an analysis in much the same way we have with the e-cigarette market.


Are Shisha Pens Bad For You

It looks like the vast majority of the Shisha Pens in UK (or e shisha pens, simply mini-tank e cigs which allow the use of any e-Liquid flavour including zero nicotine. Also called e-Hookah pens) are based on the Ego type e-cigarette battery which is a little cumbersome and some would say unattractive. Not the best shisha pens. Generally speaking then the electronic shisha pen is not bad for you to any greater degree than e cigarettes but it is important to ensure you use safe tested e liquids and shisha pen flavours. Many sites including eBay appear to be selling cheap poor quality products. Most of these e shisha pens are being imported from China and then re-branded for sale in the UK. I’m not sure what they put into the e-liquids that are used with these shisha pens but I would urge you to think about what you are actually inhaling into your lungs – make sure you know what is in those e-liquids – buy only quality Shisha devices to ensure your Shisha pen safety! (see e liquid guide here).

See here: What is in your e-liquid. Health-taste-value for shisha pen uk reviews

shisha pen uk

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Until such time as the market develops and quality products and good Shisha Pen review sites start to appear I would suggest that you look at the e-cigarette reviews on this site and look to buy your best shisha pen from one of these companies.

V2Cigs have over 2 Million customers world-wide and they have now developed a good shisha pen kit using their e-cigarette battery technology which is of the highest quality. This results in a high quality dependable 4.2 volt shisha pen battery, most other shisha pen batteries are around 3.7 volts. In addition they have a wide selection of e-liquids (including non-nicotine) and offer a range of the best tasting e-liquids in the UK. Importantly they offer batch testing of their e-liquids using an independent laboratory. If you are looking for Shisha Pen flavours make sure you know all the eLiquid ingredients!

V2 then go one step further too – each e-liquid bottle you buy has a batch number so you can go on-line and retrieve a report that shows all the exact ingredients of the e-liquid that you are using in your shisha pen! Example Here

Shisha Pen Flavours

Shisha Pen. Slimline shisha pen battery. V2 Slimline Shisha Pen

What is equally interesting is that they have gone for a slimline shisha pen battery which is far more attractive than the typical ego type shisha pen. A slim rechargeable shisha pen. An e-cig that has evolved. The V2 shisha pen battery will last all day with one charge – at 4.2 Volts its significantly more powerful than the typical e-cig batteries on the market. The V2 slimline e shisha pen is also much less of a hassle than some of the ego shisha pens. Many shisha pens comprise up to 5 separate parts, some parts simply push together rather than having a screw-thread – this means E-liquid will leak on to you. They have also introduced their Mini-Shisha- see below – a neat and more compact version. The V2 shisha pen has 2 parts – shisha 4.2 volt battery and an e-liquid container or cartridge –  that simply screw together. This makes them the best rechargeable Shisha pen.

Visit V2 UK | Visit V2 USA  

Best Shisha Pen and Shisha Pen Flavours

Less Shisha Pen parts means less chance of leaking e-liquid and less things to replace. 

shisha pen review differences

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Latest technology means neat is good. A final consideration, V2 can boast a customer base of over 2 Million people. Their success over the past 2 or three years is down to the quality of their products, it is also important to recognise that the “fuel” driving this growth must in part be down to the quality of their e-liquids.

Tip: Currently the V2 shisha pen kit ships with one e-liquid bottle – however you can test all the Shisha flavours by purchasing their zero nicotine sampler pack which includes 6 of their most popular flavour cartridges. There are 6 fruity e Liquid options and 6 tobacco e Liquid options. These cartridges are compatible with their e shisha pen battery and their e-cigarette range and allow you to find the shisha flavours you most enjoy. V2 have confirmed that they will be introducing smaller bottles of e-liquids in the near future. (Update 2016: V2 have now done this! View them here)

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The new UK V2 Cigs Slimline Shisha Pen and “Mini-Shisha” Evolution Series.

The new Mini-Shisha is the same quality as their Slimline Shisha pen but the shisha pen battery is almost half the size – very neat for a night out. Definitely the best Shisha Pen if you are looking for something neat and small.

Click the Image to visit their site for more details.

Best shisha pen and best hookah pen battery

See the Shisha Section


Or “e Shisha” the New V2 Ex Battery: The V2 You Know Multiplied by WOW

best shisha pen battery is V2 Carbon Fibre battery

Today, you’re invited to experience the coolest battery on the market. Get to know the V2 EX Battery! This shisha pen battery incorporates cutting-edge design to provide you with new levels of customization and a range of new features. Select from five contemporary new patterns for the ultimate custom experience: Brushed Steel, Carbon Fibre, Scarlet Metallic, Royale and Bloom. Each EX Battery comes with a matching cartridge sleeve which fits snugly over both V2 Classic and EX Cartridges, creating a modern, streamlined look. Great look for your e shisha pens.

Gourmet E-Liquid UK

For the best vaping experience with your e shisha pen battery make sure you use proper tested gourmet e-liquid. In the United Kingdom many e-liquids simply do not give full disclosure of their e-liquid ingredients. There is no regulatory framework at this time so eLiquid brands don’t have to! If you are going to quit smoking and vape e-liquid you need to understand the health aspects of vaping generic eliquids. Do spend a little time and view our full e-liquid review section to find safe e liquids that are fully lab.tested with detailed ingredients. Gourmet eJuice reviews here.

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Or the S3’s bigger brother: The V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer review.



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