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By Tracey Jackson, Best E-Cigarette UK

Best E-Liquid UK Guide 2016

Best E Liquid UK ReviewsBy Tracey Jackson – The key to using an e-cigarette successfully is getting the best e liquid UK brand that you can. That is the best e liquid flavours and best tasting e liquid with the purest ingredient’s available. Only use clean tested e-juice – safe gourmet e-liquid. An e-liquid that gives a similar flavour experience to actual smoking is best so that stepping away from smoking to vaping is as simple and as seamless as possible. This section provides a guide and information to users on what makes the best e-liquid UK with the purist, safest ingredients. It applies equally to those who want to use the actual e-liquids to fill their own e vapour devices or to those who prefer the simplicity of using pre-filled cartomisers. Spend a little time now and you will enjoy the benefits of vaping using the right e-liquid safely.

V2-pro-giveaway with the best e liquid flavours



> Best E-liquid UK: Summary:

Main e-Liquid Issues. Q&A.

Pre-Filled e-cigarettes or DIY e-Liquid?

Tanks & Egos – Where are they now?

Best Practice. Safer e-Liquids.

Gourmet e-Liquid. Clean Vaping.

E-Cigarette Refills and e-Liquid Brands: A comparison. Cost/Ingredients.

Popular e-Liquid Brands.

Best e-Liquid Flavours and Taste. Clean Pure VG e-Liquid and PG based e-Liquids

=> Speciality e-Shisha e-Liquid Flavours




E-liquid UK 2016 production and supply has now developed to provide not only traditional tobacco and menthol flavours but a whole new and exciting range of e-liquid flavours like coffee, tea, fruit flavours and even bubble gum! Whilst there is a huge choice of premium e-liquid flavours available the main aim here is to guide you through the basics – once you have this information and have chosen the best e-liquid, you can then explore the various e-flavours available. Stick with tobacco flavoured e-liquid at the beginning.

Best E-Liquid Summary Reviews

The full review details can be found in the “Best e-liquid Flavours for 2016″ section at the bottom of the page and is worth reading. As a summary. For clean tested lab. e-liquids with full disclosure and total transparency of ingredients:

Best PG e liquid Mix

1. If you are looking for clean tested pharmaceutical grade e-liquids which won’t cost the earth with a wide range of fully lab. tested tobacco and e-shisha flavours then your best option is the Platinum e-liquid range by V2. See their full flavour range here

Our tested best quality PG e-liquids v2 e-liquid

Best VG e Liquid: ECO-vape by Pure eLiquid

2. For those who want 100% VG e-liquid, either because you have an adverse reaction to PG or simply like the “sport” of making huge vapour clouds then your best VG e liquid option is the ECO-vape range by the e-juice specialists Pure-E-liquids. Good range of mints and menthols, e-shisha and tobacco liquid. Their range of ECOvape VG e-liquid is specially formulated so that it does not clog up tanks like the vast majority of pure VG e liquids do. Make sure you optimize your wattage/temperature to hit the sweet spot, it will be different to other vapes! See their full flavour range here.

Pure VG Ecovape e-juice. Tested best quality

Both brands offer a sampler pack of flavours which you should buy first so that you establish the best tasting e-liquid suitable for your needs.

Main issues surrounding e-liquids are:


Using pre-filled cartomisers or doing it yourself 

I strongly suggest that new users start out with cartomisers to keep things simple – once established, experiment with the tank systems and raw e-liquids and e-fluid if you wish to try something new – the majority of smokers stuck with filtered cigarettes and did not use roll your own or chewing tobacco!

Finding the best flavour & right taste and strength of nicotine to use

This is a little more difficult to answer as it is purely a personal choice. One needs to establish a good tobacco flavoured e-liquid. It’s best to find an e-cigarette brand that gives an option of a cartomiser multi-pack that contains various flavours of vape juice – generally go for 12 mg or 18 mg nicotine strength if you were used to standard strength cigarettes then reduce or increase depending on your experience. It does take a little patience but if you use an established e-cig company they would have done extensive testing with user groups to get the tobacco e-liquid taste options right – this can take a lot of hard work out of the equation. See our e-Liquid taste comparison review that looks at matching your cigarette flavour with e-liquid flavours.

PG e-Juice allergy

A minority of vapers may have a bad reaction to e-liquid whilst vaping. Generally this is a PG allergy, an allergic reaction to propylene glycol contained in the e-liquid. Symptoms range from nausea or swelling to having an irritable or itchy throat. If you have a bad reaction to PG based e-liquid you must use 100% pure VG e-liquid – see section below for recommended pure & tested Vegetable Glycerine e-liquids.

e-Juice Price

See summary table below.

Safest e-liquid, Ingredients, purity and testing – is your e-juice safe – find the purest gourmet e-liquid UK?

See summary table below. There is also some good info on the blog re: e-liquid testing and e-liquid health and safety.

For Shisha or Shisha Pen e-Juice users is there a zero nicotine liquid option

There are many cheap shisha pens on the market which may include “free e-Liquid”. Make sure you buy your vape juice from a reputable source. See our Shisha section or check out eliquid flavours here.

Best E-Liquids compared

best vape juice, be safe

Vaping is best enjoyed once you have found a flavour and a nicotine strength that suits you. A few vapers may react badly to PG e-liquid and therefore need to use the best VG e-juice brand available. But you also need to ensure that the e-liquid contains ingredients that are safe.

DIY or pre-filled e-liquid cartomisers

An e-cigarette requires a liquid in order to produce e-vapour so that nicotine can enter the body. This may be in the form of a pre-filled cartomiser or alternatively what is known as a tank system which you fill yourself from a bottle of e-liquid. The best e-liquid vaping method is a personal choice. Generally for those starting to vape the pre-filled e-juice option is more straightforward and should give an easier road for transitioning from smoking to vaping.

Best Buy is V2 ELiquid

The cartomiser usually contains the e-liquid or e-juice already so that you simply connect it to your e-cigarette and you are good to go. The tank system consists of an empty container or tank that you need to fill with e-liquid yourself prior to connecting to your e-cig battery. Many people prefer the simplicity of pre-filled carts as there is no issue with leaks and spillage associated with filling your own. Both pre-filled and DIY e-cig liquid refills from the same e-juice brand can give very similar results regarding taste and vaping experience if you use the same e-liquid. Personally I only use the best tobacco flavour e-liquid and for me that is V2 Congress e juice – I enjoy both pre-filled and using the shisha tank with e liquid. The pre-filled carts generally however feel a little smoother whilst the tank systems give a little sharper taste.

For those wanting to fill their own, use lab tested e-Liquid where full details of ingredients are disclosed. Shop here, for a full range of tobacco and shisha flavours. However if  you require VG only e liquid then The Pure e Liquid Shop offer the the EcoPure (now ECO-vape) and VPURE e-liquid range of tested proper 100% VG e-Juices.

Older Tank E-Cigarettes – time changes everything

Tank systems used to be associated with considerably larger e-cigarettes called “Egos” or “mods” whilst cartomisers were used with what are known as cig-like e-cigarettes. Much has changed recently with the advent of the mini-tank e-cigarette (sometimes referred to as Shisha Pens) – these are now available from some e-cig manufacturers and are similar in size to cig-like e-cigarettes but allow the user to fill the mini-tank with their own e-liquid (see V2 mini shish tank system).

E-liquid - ecig sizes and types

E liquid – ecig sizes and types

Pre-filled carts generally work out slightly more expensive. However this cost difference should not necessarily influence which you choose since both are significantly cheaper than traditional cigarettes. It should boil down to which you actually prefer the taste of and whether or not you are happy to use bottled e-liquid that contains nicotine which can get on your hands if you are not careful. In addition many tank systems rely on variable voltage (and or variable power) batteries so that you can vary the voltage in order to get the optimum voltage for the e-liquid you are using. Cartomisers and batteries bought together are already optimised for the e-liquid contained within the cart which means less hassle. Modern cartomiser technology now used by a few e-cigarette manufacturers can mean you get as much vapour from a cart as you can get from a tank – this was not generally the case in the past with tank systems producing more vapour in many cases. Some may like the paraphernalia associated with complex devices but most would prefer something straightforward – simple vaping. After-all, though it is a disgusting habit, smoking is not difficult.

E-liquid for tank systems is produced and sold by both e-cigarette companies (who can also supply pre-filled cartomisers with the same e-liquid) and also by independent e-liquid sellers. Make sure you buy from a recognised source that provides up to date lab test reports.

Safe E-liquid Ingredients Good Practice

In theory an e-liquid, e juice or vape juice is a relatively simple fluid that contains three ingredients: nicotine, propylene glycol (PG) or alternatively vegetable glycerine (VG), and flavourings.

The nicotine is the addictive substance found in cigarettes which is combinedbest e-liquid uk? with either VG or PG or a combination of the two.

The VG or PG is what gives the vapour content and this acts as a “carrier” for the nicotine to enter the body. It also gives the “throat hit” associated with vaping.

The flavourings are added to the e-liquid to give the taste – nicotine has no real taste.

There is little or no legislation that covers the ingredients or purity of what goes into e-liquid. Only buy safe gourmet e-liquid.

You can buy e-liquid from a garage forecourt or e-cigarette seller and assume the owners or someone else in the supply chain has in some way checked that the ingredients are safe before they sell them to you – this is highly unlikely! It is vital that you buy vape juice from a company that provides as much specific and up to date information as possible. On the right is a genuine product that can be purchased but could contain literally anything, not a premium safe e-liquid! – there is currently no full regulation of e-liquids.

Currently in the UK and in most (if not all) of the rest of the world no one is overseeing the safety of the e-liquids we are inhaling. Legislation is proposed for 2016. I trust this legislation will ensure broad statements about the e-liquid content and ingredients cannot be made and that full disclosure is given as is the case with food and drink. For best practice each e-liquid flavour and batch should be laboratory tested for its ingredients and purity which will ensure the use of safe e liquid.

Gourmet E-Liquid UK, Vape safe – Vape clean

There are a number of specific manufacturers like V2 Cigs, ECOvape and CN Creative ECOpure who focus on e-liquid purity ie. e-liquid health and safety by using pharmaceutical grade nicotine and/or offer e-liquid testing. These gourmet e-liquids are the best e-liquid UK brands offering only premium e-liquids. Both ECO-vape and ECOpure VPURE is 100% pure VG e-liquid. This may taste a little sweeter to some but for those who react to PG liquid it is essential and a first-rate e-juice. For cloud chasers ECOvape e-liquid is second to none containing no PG! ECO-vape is the best substitute for ECOpure vapers. However the vast majority of e-liquid providers do not tend do give the same level of transparency. V2 is the only company I can find that gives full independent laboratory analysis on their e cig liquid and refill content. Vype electronic cigarettes used to make it very clear that they did use pharmaceutical grade nicotine in their Vpure e-juice – but with the new e-liquid range it is not so obvious.  Drilling down into the Vype site you will find that they state their base ingredients are pharma grade but this doesn’t tell you the whole story – what about the Vype e liquid content that is not “base ingredients”. The other factor with Vype is that the e-liquid strength is limited to 12mg which will generally only suit the lightest of smokers. Companies like Totally Wicked who supply e-liquid state they use “only the highest grade UK source products” or import from China under strict guidelines but do not offer independent testing on all their e-liquids – I note that TW has now (Sept 2015) started to do tests on their own e liquid and hope/trust that they do the same with other vendors e liquid they sell. With the Tobacco Product Directive imminent more e liquid and e cig suppliers will need to conform or get out of the industry .

Best E-juice and Cartomiser Review Summary Table:

Premium e-liquid UK brands: value for money and the manufacturers own description of their e-liquid ingredients and content.

E Cig BrandVype eStickGreen SmokeE-LitesV2 Cigs
QIC Rating:Vype e cig UKGreen Smoke e cigarette review ukE-Lites Vape pen UK reviewV2 Best E cig Review UK
Refill Weight Full (g)
Refill Weight Used (g)
E-Liquid content per refill Used (g)
Number of Puffs75126138147
Cigarettes per refill:
Price per refill£1.50£2.08£3.60£1.80
E-Liquid Quality"Classic variant... contains only 3 ingredients: pharmaceutical-grade nicotine, glycerol and purified water." "Primarily purified water, nicotine, propylene glycol and flavour" MSDS test shows 16 chemicals."The base liquid in e-cigarette cartridges is a mixture of liquid nicotine, tobacco extract flavourings and propylene glycol""Cartridges contain 3 primary ingredients, nicotine, food grade flavorings (FDA approved) and propylene glycol." Full on-line lab. report on all e-liquids and refills.
Cost per 20 cigarettes:
Batch testing on SiteNoNoNo YES
Flavour Choices47312
Mini-Tank & E-LiquidNoNoNoYES
On 20 cigarettes per day equivalent, the most expensive e-cigarette at £1314 works out to be TWICE as expensive than the least expensive e-cigarette. The running cost of the Vype e stick (who have only 2 tobacco flavour and only 1 strength) is £996 per year whereas V2 (3 tobacco flavours at 5 strengths) is around £650 per year – Vype running cost is 50% more costly! Spend a little time to consider these facts for your own benefit.




See the V2 e-Liquid Range here.

See our e-Liquid taste comparison review that looks at matching your cigarette flavour with e-liquid flavours.

Buyer Beware

There are not many e-liquid stockists who have the capabilities to produce quality exclusive safe gourmet e-juice and most are not aware of the regulatory or safety requirements. The VIP E cig brand state their e-liquid is tested BUT it can only be used in their own cartomizers. The majority of e-liquid sellers import or resell diluted, generic flavoured low grade e-liquids – many stores, online shops and market traders simply re-sell untested e-liquids. What are you inhaling?

Shop for the Best e-Liquid | PG based  or   Best E Liquid |VG

best quality e-liquid uk - what's in yours


Popular E-Cig brands and their attitude to e-juice ingredients

E-lites reviews show that E-lites only sell e-cigs with no e-juice option – ie cartomiser option only. The Vapourlites reviews show that their FAQ section only shows brief details of ingredients “The liquid in all Vapourlites products are made up of flavouring, liquid-nicotine (when ordered), vegetable and propylene glycol and manufactured here in the UK”. Whilst reviewing blu ecigs, they have this to say in their UK “Certification” section: “blu carries out quarterly batch testing with several companies. Every quarter, we take a selection of our products to undergo full testing. That way, they meet our high standards”. So only a selection of their product undergoes testing which to me is not acceptable – no detailed explanation of ingredients – in fact blu introduced the NRG e-liquid which contained taurine – has anybody tested the effects of inhaling vapour taurine? It’s an energy drink ingredient which passes through the digestion system – my lungs might not like that!! See the VIP review for details on their e-liquids.


e-Liquid UK Flavours – Best UK tobacco taste e-Liquids 2016

From what you have read on these pages you can no doubt tell that ecigreviews is not a fan of the vast majority of e-liquids where the ingredients or manufacturing processes are not controlled or transparent. There are few e-Liquid manufacturers who are both clean and transparent and treat the making of e-Liquid seriously – ie. in a controlled pharmaceutical environment with full ingredients listed. The vast majority of e-liquids do not have fully listed ingredients that are pure clean and shown fit for human consumption.

With the plethora of e liquids available what sets the best e liquids from the rest – how do you choose your e-Liquid. Surely a safety first approach must be considered. Brands such as ECOpure , V2 Platinum and Pure e-Liquids ECO vape range are e-liquid brands that make their own e-Liquids in proper laboratory environments, tested clean e-Juice. They do not import generic e-Liquids to simply re-label or re-brand them.

Whether you are looking for the best tobacco e-liquid flavour to replace smoking or simply shisha pen e-liquids to enjoy vaping the various flavours – you will find a safe clean e-Juice from these manufacturers.

Match your cigarette brand to an e-Liquid flavour – Mayfair Kings e-liquid? See the e-juice match!

ECOpure is simple and has only three flavours. ECO-vape not only offers a range of pure VG shisha flavours but is also organic!


Note: Unfortunately the EcoPure 100% VG e-liquid range is no longer on offer. They have ceased production and gone for run of the mill PG e-liquid. (July 2015). The best e-liquid to compare directly with ECOpure is the ECOvape pure VG range of e-Liquids. This e liquid is formulated to be less viscous than the majority of VG liquids so is fine for use in “cloud chasing” sub-ohm devices, most e liquids use a PG/VG mix in order to “thin down” the eliquid so it is practical and usable in box mods and vaporizers. Mixing VG and PG reduces vapour production as the VG element give maximum vapour while the PG is used to thin down the e juice. ECOvape is 100% organic VG e juice so no compromise , maximum vapour!

ECO-Vape Review

ECO-vape e-liquid is made in EU/UK laboratories and fully tested. The ECO-vape e-Liquid brand is 100% VG e liquid and most suitable for those wanting extreme vapour production or who have a reaction to PG e-liquid. This is the best VG e-juice UK brand!

ECOvape Pure Virginia Regular Tobacco VG e-Liquid: Nicotine strengths 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%: fuller, more rounded tobacco taste for a truly satisfying ‘smoking’ experience.

ECO-vape Classic Virginia Rich Tobacco: Nicotine strengths 00%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%: classic distinctive tobacco flavour.

ECO vape M Tobacco: Nicotine strengths 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%: a softer milder tobacco flavour.

ECOvape Arctic Menthol VG eLiquid:  Nicotine strengths 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 1.8%, 2.4%: distinctive refreshing flavour. It is clean and pure with a cool minty taste.

ECOvape also offer 100% Pure VG e-liquid in a range of flavours including Apple, Elder, Cherry, Strawberry Cream, Coffee Cream and a range of other gourmet mouth watering vape tastes! 

Your best option if you need pure clean 100% VG e-Liquid is to try their ECO-vape sampler pack of flavours to establish your favourite e-liquid taste and then fine tune the strength to your liking. VG has less of a throat hit but produces more vapour than PG e-liquid. It is slightly sweeter than normal tobacco taste. Strengths of PG and VG are not directly comparable as they are absorbed at a different rate into the body so it is not necessarily the case that 4% VG feels stronger than 1.8% PG e liquid.

Platinum e-Liquid by V2 has a wide range of fully tested clean simple e-Juices.


This e-liquid is made in laboratories and then goes one step further – all ingredients are listed, not hidden by terms such as “flavourings” or “food additives”. Using only pharmaceutical and FDA ingredients you can actually obtain an online batch test of your specific e-liquid. This provides total transparency that is not offered by any other manufacturer or eliquid re-seller.

e-Liquid – Best Tobacco Taste e-Liquids

Red Virginia Tobacco Blend

Virginia tobacco e-liquid

Red is the V2 classic American tobacco blend of e-Liquid. Hearty Virginia tobacco taste, sharper with a hint of sweetness. This bolder flavour is a top seller. Must have if you roll your own. Red cartridges and e-liquids are available in five strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and 0% nicotine. (Lambert & Butler Silver)

Congress Smooth Refined Tobacco Blend e-Liquid

Congress Flavour has a smooth refined tobacco taste similar Silk Cut or Embassy cigarettes. Flavour notes start with light American tobacco and end with a smooth finish. Congress cartridges and e-liquids are available in five strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and 0% nicotine. (John Player Blue and Mayfair King Size)

Sahara Turkish Tobacco BlendBest Turkish Tobacco e-juice in the UK

Sahara is a rich middle-eastern tobacco blended e-Liquid. Take a puff of Sahara and experience the rich tobacco overtones, sure to please even the most discerning vapers. Camel cig smokers delight. Sahara cartridges and e-liquids are available in five strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and 0% nicotine. (Roll your own tobacco – rollies &, Marlboro Gold)

Best Liquid Menthol and Mint Tastes

Best Menthol e-Liquid – Cool and Crisp Minty Flavour e-Liquid

best menthol e-liquid brand in the UK

Cool and refreshing, Menthol is one of the most most popular flavours. Even non-menthol smokers love the crisp refreshing flavour formula. It’s like exhaling a minty-fresh Tic Tac. Menthol cartridges and e-liquids are sold in five strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and 0% nicotine with a Spring green colour.

Best Peppermint – Sweeter MintBest e-liquid for Peppermint flavour lovers.

Peppermint Flavour e-liquid Cartridges are absolutely scrumptious. Peppermint and sugar swirled together with a touch of spearmint; this flavour has a strong following and is delicious. Peppermint cartridges and e-liquids are available in five strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and 0% nicotine.

Best Green Tea e liquid – Refreshing menthol!Best Green Tea e-juice flavour goes to Platinum Eliquids

Green Tea Menthol is bursting with refreshing mint combined with the smooth, soothing & mellow properties of green tea. Menthol smokers call it a favourite, and you will too! Slow it all down. Get yours in five strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and 0% nicotine.

Speciality e Shisha Flavours

The very Best Coffee e-Liquid BlendCoffee full cream eliquid

A great wake up call! A very rich Colombian coffee blend, with a hint of smooth cream undertones. If you love a good cup of coffee, you will definitely enjoy our best coffee flavour. Coffee cartridges and e-liquids are available in five strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine, and Shisha 0% nicotine.

Best Grape e-Juice – Very JuicyBest e-juice for Juicy grape flavour

Grape is one of the most popular flavours – not sure why but V2 sells a lot of this e-Liquid. It’s sweet and juicy; a perfect summer flavour blended perfectly for a great vape experience. Five nicotine strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and Shisha 0% nicotine.

Best Chocolate liquid – mmm! Creamy and Milkychocolate OMG! e-juice

Chocolate lovers swear by the V2 Chocolate cartridges. A rich, creamy taste that will satisfy your sweet tooth. The vapour produced is like liquid chocolate that simply melts away. Available in five strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and Shisha 0% nicotine

Best Cherry e-Liquid – Farm FreshBest Cherry fresh e juice

Bursting with ripe, juicy cherry goodness. You will feel like you just left the farmer’s market! Layers of exiting cherry to tease those taste-buds. Cherry cartridges and e-liquids are available in five strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and Shisha 0% nicotine

Best Cola e-Liquid! Of all things?Cola-fizz eliquid

Cola sparkles just like your favourite fizzy drinks! Crisp and sweet, it’s sure to pep you up. E-liquids are available in five strengths: 2.4% nicotine, 1.8% nicotine, 1.2% nicotine, 0.6% nicotine and Shisha 0% nicotine

The Best Vanilla e-Liquid- Rich, Smooth and Sweet, Lovely!Smooth, the best Vanilla e-juice

The most popular speciality flavour e-liquid, there is no better way to describe V2 Vanilla than, “very smooth.” Silky brown sugar undertones melt in your mouth.


safe shisha e-liquid



Grab one of their sampler packs here that has a range of flavours – find what fits and vape away knowing that these are one of the safest cleanest e-Liquids in the world.







Learn about VIP e cigarettes, SkyCig, E-Lites, Vapestick, Vype and other e-cigarette providers with big marketing budgets – do their e-cigs match up to their advertising and marketing budgets?

Notes on the e-juice review:

The puff test is based on the same person, not a mechanical device, testing each e-cigarette for a full day. A cigarette lasts 7 puffs for this individual – it does not seem a lot but test it yourself. The liquid refill prices for each e-cigarette manufacturer are based on best price for a 1 pack of refills. Price @ 1-October-2015.

Vapour production on Green Smoke and V2 Cigs e-cigarette is significantly greater than the other e -cigs tested. E-Lites gave almost no throat hit. ie. the feeling one gets when smoking. ECig sizes approximate.

Countries such as Norway have banned e-liquids that contain nicotine from being made in Norway. Sweden is the world leader in the reduction of smoking-related death and disease. Swedish customs often withhold e-liquid imports despite a recent Malmo court ruling (late 2013).It is indisputable that in the present situation these products may be sold legally in Sweden

Written by: Tracey Jackson
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The Best E-cigarette UK reviews 2016


blu e-cig, E-Lites, Vype ePen, Nicolites and VIP e-cig

All have different costs and can tick certain boxes – see the review comparison chart table of some of the more important aspects of some well marketed or better known e-cigarettes.




Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this and other articles on the site are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the results of other smokers. Examples, weights, measurements and other analysis performed within this article are only examples of our results. They should not be utilised in real-world as they are based only on very limited testing of a small selection of products from each brand. Assumptions made within the review analysis are not necessarily reflective of all the brands listed and we suggest you conduct your own analysis and compare the results with our findings. Not everyone inhales the same amount when vaping.



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