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By Tracey Jackson, Best E-Cigarette UK

The Best Box Mods, Sub Ohm Vaping for 2016

The UK e cigarette space has now developed into an interesting place where there is a two tier structure (at least 2!). On one side you have the standard e cigarette and vaping devices often cigarette like – with some vaporizers coming in at a larger scale to offer better battery life and vapour. Then on the other hand a niche market, the box mod combined with sub ohm vaping has been developing fast and now has wheels. This newer market is the sub ohm vaping space where vapers look to vape with substantially increased vapour production with “e cigarettes” that look more the shape of a box – hence box mod. Here we review the best box mod UK brands for vaping. These vaping devices are generally more complex then their e cig counterparts and often require a little knowledge of volts, amps and watts (ie Ohms Law). Then there are the coils and wicks etc that require user input to build the coil or atomizer (RDA and RBA – Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer and Rebuildable Atomizer). Knowledge of the compatibility of the tank (that holds the e liquid) and the box mod also needs consideration. More recently however some box mod manufacturers like Kangertech have offered pre-built options for those who want the advantages of box mods without having to do the fiddly bits which can get a bit messy.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of box mod and vape mod devices

The Kanger Subox Nano Mod in Black. Best box mod UK for simple sub ohm vaping and versatility!

Proper Tools. Box Mod (3-6mg), Vape Pen (12-24mg) & Vaporizer (6-24mg): All now deliver nicotine effectively

  1. For some it can be fun to be involved with sub ohm vaping as more like a hobby than a habit. There are many aspects to it that are actually quite interesting if you are a little bit of a techy. There are many combinations of coils and wicks that can be tested for output.
  2. The vapour production when vaping sub ohm box mod can be significant, far beyond that experienced by smoking a cigarette. See our take on sub ohm vaping at these levels of vapour production –  is sub ohm vaping dangerous, what are there risks?
  3. For a specific e liquid the flavour can be more intense as you are inhaling a much higher concentration of vapour.

Some Disadvantages of Box Mod Sub Ohm Devices

  1. Probably the most significant disadvantage comes down to running cost – apart from all the bits and bobs associated with the box mod that need putting together the highest cost will be the ongoing running costs. ie. That of buying the e liquid that is being consumed whilst vaping. In a way those huge clouds you are vaping out are simply exhaust fumes that you have just paid for. The sub ohm box mod device obviously burns considerably higher rates of e liquid, than say a vape pen, simply because they create more vapour. So much so that it is recommended when vaping that vapers only use lower level nicotine strength e liquids with a box mod for sub ohm vaping (typically 3-6 mg whereas generally with e cigarettes users are using 12-24 mg nicotine strength). You do not want a nicotine overdose!
  2. Many will see the process of “wicking” and re-wicking and coil building a pain – when some of the box mod parts needs replacing some could see the taking apart of the device and re-wiring the coil and messing around with wicks etc. as just a step too far – “I just want to vape!!”
  3. These vaping devices require a higher levels of maintenance and cleaning than their e cigarette counterparts which are often much simpler devices with pre-filled e liquid. Related to this there is also a higher risk of leaking.
  4. Just too much vapour for many people.
  5. The size of the mod device – if you feel more comfortable with a smaller e-cig device this is not for you.
  6. Shouldn’t vaping just be about getting enough nicotine so you don’t have to smoke? If so there are much easier, cheaper and simpler options that will satisfy your nicotine craving.

This all leads me to say that generally for most of us who simply want to stop smoking these sub ohm devices are a step to far. Buying a quality small scale vape pen or proper vaporizer from a reputable company will give you a simpler and easier way to take up vaping in order to stop or reduce the smoking habit. Having said that, there will be many who like the “sport” of vaping massive vapour clouds and/or getting involved with the building process.

Sub ohm vaping. Extreme vapour using sub ohm box mod and the vape pen as an alternative

E-Liquid for Sub Ohm Vaping & your Box Mod

Vaping e liquid uses a Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) Deck

The RBA that vaporizes e liquid

What you vape – your e-juice – is as important as what box mod you choose, in fact more so as it is the e liquid that you will be ingesting. For “cloud chasers” wanting maximum vapour when vaping, it is well known that VG e liquid offers maximum vapour output but generally a compromise is made so that e liquid is usually a 70/30 VG:PG mix ratio or something similar. This compromise is made because in the past VG e liquid was more viscous so if used at 100% it would clog up your tank. This has now been overcome by a number of e liquid manufacturers so that some VG e liquids have been formulated to be used in your sub ohm device without having to compromise – yes you can use 100% VG e liquid! The other question is what is in e liquids? With limited regulation many e liquids do not give full ingredients, there is no compelling reason for full disclosure of ingredients. You need to ensure that your e liquid is made in a laboratory and that it is fully tested and that all ingredients are listed and are of pharmaceutical grade. One company that specialises in sourcing high quality laboratory tested e liquid (both 100% VG e liquid and PG/VG mixes) with certified ingredients is Pure

Choosing the best Sub Ohm Box Mod or Vape Mod UK.

There are many niche websites that go into phenomenal details about sub ohm vaping, detailing the hundreds of devices, coils, batteries and reteaching Ohms Law. This site is not one of those sites! Here we want to ensure you get the best quality box mod UK brand that is well made and is considered one of the best box mods available. Also that you can save time and find an excellent candidate without having to gen up on Ohms law. There are more and more sub ohm box mods being developed but the core technology is in place, high variable wattage, proper quality sub ohm resistance tank and air intake adjustment on a quality box mod should be the main criteria. Check out the best vape mod reviews here

Temperature Control Sub Ohm Box Mod (TC mods)

What scale you use to vary the temperature whether watts or degrees, as in temperature control box mods does not make a difference to the core product and your vapour production. Neither does having the ability to interface with your phone, ipad or PC with DNA 200 – it is all just unnecessary add-ons that generally increase price and complication. There will be a significant number of sub ohm box mods coming to market over time, each with a gimmick or two to try steal a bit of the sub ohm vaping market but a solid, simple, small proper sub box mod device will be plenty for the vast majority of vapers. We have reviewed and used many e cigarettes, vaporizers and box mods and have the time to look through all the UK vape review sites and assess the pros and cons of the many vaping devices being offered. There is one box mod that stands out because of its quality and versatility offering a lot of simple user options, including sub ohm functions that will help you discover sub ohm vaping at it’s very best.

Finding the best Box Mod UK Brand 2016:- The criteria

  1. A known and respected manufacturer of quality e cigarette & sub vaping devices as reviewed by the best vape review sites.
  2. Established as one of the best vaping devices in its class at reasonable cost.
  3. A vaping device that offers vapers the opportunity to delve into building their device if they want to.
  4. A vaping device that offers vapers pre-built options should the user NOT want to get involved with the nitty-gritty of building their own sub ohm atomizer BUT does want to get involved with sub-ohm vaping.
  5. Safety protection – eg short circuit and overheating protection
  6. Huge vapour production capabilities.

Welcome to the Best Box mod for sub ohm vaping – The Kangertech Topbox Nano – It’s Simple. Full Review here!

Best Sub Ohm Mod UK: The full Kanger Topbox Nano Mod Kit. Kbox, Nano Tank, Organic cotton, USB Charger, atomiser coils and deck.

The Image shows the Kanger Topbox Mini Starter Kit which contains both standard and sub ohm coils for vapers who just want huge vapour when vaping! The kit also includes RBA’s and pre-built atomisers.

#2 Best Vape Mod UK Brand

Innokin Cool Fire IV Plus 70W iSub Apex Kit – Now upgraded to iTaste Kroma

The Innokin Cool Fire IV is not dissimilar to the Topbox Mini in that it delivers phenomenal vapour and is very easy to use. The variable wattage or temperature control models makes the Innokin kit the perfect choice for new vapers starting out or more advanced vapers looking for an easy to use vape mod. Check out our full Innokin Cool Fire Review and why we see it as one of the best vape mods in the UK at the moment. The Cool Fire has now been superseded by the more advanced iTaste Kroma